March 30, 2010

News - Whats going on

Well guys I was out for a few days gone fishing, caught a few little buggers. But when I got back I half expected Marshall to be on another team. But he is still here and probably will be for a while up to the draft. There are reports out he turned down an offer from the Broncos, not sure if that is turn, maybe a rumor? Also Marshall's PR company put out this statement:

"Brandon Marshall is continuing to work out and progress this offseason, and is hopeful that wherever he lands that it will be the right place," the firm said. "Additionally, if it were true that a contract extension commensurate with Marshall's skills was actually offered, there would be no question as to what team Marshall would be staying with at this time."

Ok if you understand that please tell me, it is horribly written and doesn't make a lot of sense? So Marshall is happy where ever he lands? Like he is thinking he will get traded? And the talk about the contract extension doesn't make sense, does it mean if the Broncos offer a contract extension does that mean he would be still here? Guys and Gal, I have no idea so please tell me if it makes more sense to you.

Now some other news that I have come across:

Former Broncos RB Ryan Torain worked out for NFL scouts and team execs at Arizona State's annual pro day on Friday. Maybe a possible reunion for him and Shanny. Also with Shanny he said some interesting things about being interested in Marshall. "You'll just have to wait and see," Shanahan said. "Can't share that with you." So maybe double meaning? And they are the reports that Shanny wanted to dump him? So again have no idea what is going on. A lot of cloak and dagger stuff.

And their is the news about Ty Law, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll indicated that "there's still a place for" free agent Ty Law on his roster.Carroll coached Law in New England over a decade ago, so there's a sense of loyalty at work. The 36-year-old veteran said he was also told by the Broncos that he was "welcome to come back" in 2010.

Well that is it from me, a whole lot of nothing really ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Jason Elam signed a one day contract with the Broncos to retire one. Now that is cool.

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