August 23, 2011

Broncos Report - Injury news, Surgery and more

Hi all, it has been a slow week in Broncos news due to the end of Training Camp last week. But I have a few story's and information to share with you as we get primed for Saturday's game.

Broncos waived/injured TE Richard Quinn. Quinn tore his MCL in practice earlier in the month. His removal from the roster should still give rookie Julius Thomas a better shot to secure a big role early. Quinn cleared waivers and has been placed on IR.

Broncos defensive tackle Ty Warren underwent surgery today to repair a partially torn triceps tendon. Coach John Fox said that the best-case scenario is that Warren could rejoin the team in three to four months. It is likely that Warren ends up on IR.

Broncos S David Bruton has been diagnosed with a concussion. That's actually good news after Bruton had to leave the stadium in an ambulance on Saturday evening. A reserve, Bruton appeared in all 16 games for the Broncos last season, notching 26 tackles. His roster spot is likely secure.

Guard Stanley Daniels returned to practice Tuesday. It was his first practice since he suffered a sprained ankle in the first preseason game. Other than Warren and Marcus Thomas, four players were held out of practice: safety David Bruton (concussion), linebacker Mario Haggan (shoulder) and wide receivers Jamel Hamler (back spasms) and Demaryius Thomas (Achilles). Demaryius Thomas did some agility and high stepping drills as apart of his rehab on an adjacent practice field today at Training.

Today while the special teams units worked on kickoff coverage at the end of practice, strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten supervised 40-yard wind sprints. And yes, Tebow still won his heat, though it was a close race with 2011 first-rounder Von Miller. This is the first time they have been run under Fox after they were done everyday last year under McD.

On their day off Rookie right tackle Orlando Franklin had some serious business to take care of. Franklin, who is a Canadian citizen, had to fly to Calgary on Sunday, fill out paperwork and re-enter the United States with a new work visa. Franklin left Denver Sunday morning, was able to have a short visit with his brother in Calgary, and then hop on a return flight. He was back in Denver in time for dinner, and back on the practice field at Dove Valley Monday morning.

The Broncos confirmed that Willis McGahee will be used as their goal-line back. Out of McGahee's nine preseason touches, two have gone for touchdowns. He received back-to-back goal-line carries in the second preseason game, converting on his second try. "The good run teams ... have to have those guys who can convert opportunities into touchdowns," running backs coach Eric Studesville said, referring to McGahee.

Tim Tebow News:

This story broke recently and has had some significant air time. Since Tebow's 'demotion' to 3rd string media people have started suggestions that he should be traded or cut. First I didn't really see Tebow get demoted. I believe Fox had said that Quinn had been performing in camp and both players had been sharing 2nd team reps. They wanted to have a look at Quinn and see what he could provide so they gave him the start over Tebow versus the Bills. This week against the 'Hawks' I expect to see Tebow get the start over Quinn as it would be his turn. I believe they are still sharing the 2nd team reps and I haven't heard differently to suggest that they are no longer sharing the reps.

Secondly I always go back to what I have said before: Good teams don't cut young talented players, they are developed. Tebow is in his 2nd year and has a long way to go, the Broncos have to give him the chance to develop. Hire a QB coach like the one Quinn had in the offseason and have Tebow work with him. Develop Tebow to starting quality.

Though I am starting to worry that it may take longer than the Broncos like. Take Orton, Quinn and Lloyd for example. All three are now coming on strong, but Orton and Quinn are both with their second team and Lloyd is with his 3rd, 4th? So one day Tebow may be a great QB, it sadly just may not be with the Broncos. But I doubt we give up on him so soon. I give him at least two more years with the chance to start in his fourth year.

Then there was this story: 'Some members' of the Broncos organization tell Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports that Tim Tebow is the fourth-best QB in training camp. "If everything was totally equal, and this were a competition based only on performance at this camp, Tebow would probably be the fourth-string guy," one source said. "Kyle [Orton] is far and away the best, and Tebow's way behind [Brady] Quinn, too. And I'm telling you, Adam Weber is flat-out better right now." Added another Broncos exec, "Forget about how [Tebow] delivers the ball, or how accurate it is. First he has to know where to go with it." Team officials are now relieved that the Dolphins opted against meeting Denver's third-round asking price on Orton. Tebow was always expected to be a developmental project, but this year's camp has been a blow to his long-term outlook.

So what do I make of this? I doubt it, goes against everything else EFX have been saying. They may be some people at the Broncos that think like this but EFX has always said that Tebow would need time and they seemed willingly to give it to him. I do like Weber but if he was so good he would have had some more reps in preseason games. He will be a practice squad player this year.

Then there was this: One Broncos source tells the Boston Globe that it's "totally unfair" for members of the organization to throw Tim Tebow under the bus as several did in a Yahoo! Sports report Tuesday. "Somebody has it out for him," said the source. Tebow has been an extremely hard worker by all accounts, and the source confirms he's done no complaining at all behind the scenes that would cause an official to trash his progress as well as any trade value he might have. Tebow has obviously been caught in the regime change.

I happen to agree, 50% of the population want to see Tebow succeed and do well. The other 50% want to see him crash and burn. That is human nature, it sucks, but it explains that at least one person in Dove Valley doesn't like Tebow but I highly doubt it is one of the big three, EFX.

In conclusion Tebow will ride the pine this year and hopefully develop. Orton will be starter and don't be surprised to see Quinn traded before the season starts. Anyway we have a good outlook for the season and the future of the team.

After that here is some light hearted fun, check out this flowchart that helps fans pick a team to support.

That is it for the news, I will have up a game preview soon for this coming week. ~ Aussie.


  1. Well looks like the starters will play into the third quarter against the hawks, I expect tebow will come in with the second team after that to finish the game. Then I think tebow and Quinn will each play a half in game 4.

  2. lol, this is pretty funny considering he is our starter (for now).

    If that were my car, I'd make him pay for the damage. haha Seriously!

    Also, if you read the short little article, they took a shot at Tebow that was completely rude & unnecessary. They literally cannot give the guy a break. Ticks me off!

  3. I know princess all this hate for Tebow is not warranted.

    Plus that was quite funny, they have the story about the windscreen also on

    Plus a new preview post is up.