August 3, 2011

Broncos Report - Training Camp and Tebow is done...pfft

Lets get to this Tebow is done in Denver story first...

'The Broncos are not going to trade Kyle Orton and he will be their starting quarterback, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. And with that, the Tim Tebow hype machine comes to a screeching halt. Schefter knows the Broncos better than anyone after serving as a beat writer there and is unlikely to be bluffed by their front office. It appears that the deal with the Dolphins truly is dead.'

'NFL Network's Michael Lombardi believes Tim Tebow is "ultimately" not in the Broncos' plans. Lombardi reported at least twice this past offseason that Tebow lacks support in the front office. Lombardi concedes that many in Denver denied his report. The Broncos were shopping Kyle Orton heavily just one week ago, which suggests a belief in Tebow. If last year's first rounder is no longer in the team's plans, then the front office has changed its mind on the direction of the franchise after one week of no-pads practice.'

'Speaking on NFL Network Wednesday afternoon, Michael Lombardi confirmed an ESPN report that Kyle Orton "will be the starter in Denver." NFL Network introduced the Lombardi segment by stating that Orton has already been told he's the starter. "He will not be traded," Lombardi emphasized, echoing Adam Schefter's report. The Broncos have done a 180 in one week, perhaps in an attempt to quell any negative feedback from the legion of Tebow supporters.'

Let me being, are you high? To say that the Broncos have given up on Tebow after 5 DAYS is ludicrous. Nothing has changed, Orton was the starter going into camp and is still the starter, for now. This view has not changed since Fox and Elway said that Orton was at the top of the depth chart months ago. We all knew he was the starter. But to say that the Broncos have given up on Tebow and is not in Broncos plans is frankly stupid.

There are 4 preseason games to be played and Tebow will see a lot of action in those games, as will most of the other QBs. There is every chance that Orton tanks and Tebow succeeds. Or Orton may get injuried. There is the possiblilty that other teams QBs get hurt or bomb out and they may need Orton (hello 'Fins and 'Skins).

There is also the chance that Orton could start the season (even play the whole season) to let Tebow develop to be ready to come in when it is his time. Remember talented players are not just forgotten, good teams develop them. Plus talent doesn't just disappear. Confidence and Attitude do. Take Randy Moss as an example, always uber talented but didn't always have the right attitude. For Tebow I believe he has been lacking confidence the last few days and is working himself into the grind of training camp. As we saw today he was much improved in camp.

Other Training Camp notes:

Newly acquired defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley jumped right into the mix. In his first practice, No. 77 joined the starting defensive line alongside Kevin Vickerson and ends Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers.

Linebacker D.J. Williams, running back Lendale White (back) and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas did not participate.

Tebow found receiver Ninja Willis (I have renamed him as this is way cooler) over the middle, who did a spin move that left two defensive backs running into each other and raced all the way down to the 32-yard line before going out of bounds. The sideline was jacked up as Moreno and Lloyd chased Willis back down the sideline with Lloyd giving the American Ninja Warrior a flying Ninja kick to the back.

Cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson seems to have an interception almost every practice, this one coming on a ball thrown by Quinn as Thompson jumped the route.

Cornerback Cassius Vaughn got first team reps opposite Champ Bailey during the very last team session to end practice.

Alas, training camp giveth and training camp taketh away. While Mario Fannin showed the good stuff, he also put the ball on the ground during a goal-line drill after a quality hit from safety David Bruton. Ball security was the biggest question surrounding Fannin leading up to the draft and it will determine how much he can get himself into the Broncos offense. It will bear watching in the preseason games.

Also Rod Smith was at camp today, he spent a great deal of time talking to John Elway.

For some fun, I am after your best Caption for this photo, give me your best. Also look out for some Tebow guns. When he gets them out from under his sleeves we will have some fun haha.

That is it from me. ~ Aussie.


  1. I went with a bit of immature humour to begin with,

    Orton: "I farted...haha"

  2. Orton; "Oops, my pants just ripped at the crotch, thank God for towels!"

  3. Haha nice jazzy,

    How about, Orton: "I am the starter!"...evil laugh

  4. both make me smile, it is too funny. The great thing is, can we not use both qb's? Orton on first and second downs, tebow on 3rd and inside the 10???? Just a thought as orton can be good in between the 20's and tebow is clutch on 3rd and short and in the red zone?

  5. Haha they are all good.

    As for your idea I have heard it before and in a number of places. It may work, but I then question how the team chemistry and leadership will work.

  6. Madden ratings for broncos were released. What's your take on this years game Aussie?

  7. The game this year is going to be sick Doc, last year it was total crap with very few improvements. This year so many good things are going into it.

    As for the Madden ratings for the Broncos, I think we got off pretty well.

  8. I just love the light pad days

  9. It is suppose to be that the defense was tremendous, but there is the intangible "phenomenon Tebow". I guess that deserves discussion about what the Broncos record would have Kyle Orton continued to play. It looked like a losing team with Orton. The D is great, but Tebow say what someone should get some credit for the 7-1. QB is usually judged by victory and defeat plain and simple. The numbers may not be there but the most important. Now this could be the Trent Dilfer argument again, but these reimbursements fourth quarter just make the discussion more interesting.anyway, for more news, we can visit thanx