August 6, 2011

Broncos Report: Stadium Scrimmage & Shannon Sharpe - Hall of Famer

First order of business is FINALLY congratulating THE Shannon Sharpe on being officially inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday night. He gave such an amazing, inspirational, emotional speech with of course a few comical spots. It wouldn't have been a Shannon Sharpe speech without some laughs. Can't say how awesome it is to see another Bronco get the recognition & respect he so rightfully deserves. Mile High Salute to you #84!

As for the current Broncos, it was scrimmage day at INVESCO Field in the heart of Denver.

For starters, Knowshon Moreno had a kicka** day. He has never been this fit and has never been this fast. Could this be his breakout year?? One can only hope as head coach John Fox is clear on wanting to get this Denver team back to their glory days of being a successful run team. Relying on their running backs to lead the offense. As much as I want that for this team as well, I want more of a balance for this team. We'll just have to wait & see what happens but just like how we've had to rely on our receivers to take this offense places, I don't want us running the ball on every single play. We need variety to succeed, a nice balance between passes & hand-offs; between receivers & the backs.

With that said, Moreno definitely stood out at the stadium practice on Day 10 of training camp. Straight from the Denver Post, "Moreno produced the most electrifying play of the scrimmage when he caught a screen pass from Kyle Orton and raced for a 44-yard gain, including a nice open-field move to spin away from safety Darcel McBath". I hope Moreno can be a back that we can depend on, so tired of all these injuries and especially our RBs going down all the time. We need some substance!

Early on during warm-ups, the 3 stooges haha (Orto
n, Tebow & Quinn) got in some fun playing crossbar with the football. Tebow hit it first and right after him, Quinn got the middle of it. At least they get along for a few minutes.

Orton tossed a nice pass to Brandon Lloyd in 7-on-7 drills, with Lloyd making the 40-yard catch with Andre Goodman "covering" Lloyd... is that even possible? lol

After Orton had no incompletions in his session, Tebo
w was up next ending his time with no INTs either. His highlight for the day was a long rocket completion over the middle to Matt Willis. Rumor has it, Tebow struggled a bit today and was even boo'd at practice. I have a hard time believing that last part. Orton was also boo'd after he slid for a 3rd down. People need to chill... it's only a scrimmage!!

**Had to put this one up. Moreno enjoying his good day at practice.**

At around 3p the real scrimmage began with real tac
kles & everyone's true colors begin to show on the field. Orton was at center starting with a pass to Lloyd and then a 2nd screen pass to Moreno (the playmaker for the day) took the ball for a nice 45 yard run surpassing some good blocks from the defense. After two drives with Orton at the helm, it was Tebow Time.

Tebow's first drive consisted of an incompletion & 2 "sacks" by the rookie Von Miller & his veteran partner in crime, Doom. On the second drive, Doom got another one (he's gonna be on fire again this season, arrrr), a 15 yard completion to Willis but the drive ended on a turnover.

Somewhere in all that, Quinn got a touchdown. I think I need video to believe that one. lol

Other news:

Denver waived RB Mario Fannin after he injured his ankle in practice on Friday... tough call but not soon after, they picked up C.J. Gable off waivers from the Saints.


  1. So happy for Sharpe, he is totally deserving.

    As for the scrimmage I thought it was interesting that they had the 2nd team offense going against the ones. Are they challenging Tebow?

    Also unlucky for Fannin, he may catch on with someone when healthy.

  2. Also I don't know much about Gable. Anyone got anything on him?