August 25, 2011

Preseason Game 3: Broncos Vs Seahawks Preview

The Broncos are at home again this week to face the improving Seahawks. The Seahawks have many new faces, mainly at QB but have picked up some nice players. Zach Miller is one and he has terrorised the Broncos for years.

In this weeks game the starters will play into the second half. It is not known whether they will play all of the third quarter or a series or two. There is also an interesting side note to the QB starters. Orton had to leave practice early today to attend to a personal issue. It is known his wife is heavily pregnant with the couples first child. The question I have is if she is expecting would Orton miss a preseason game to be with his wife at the birth? I would think so. Either way there will be a questions about who is the second QB in. If Orton does play I expect Tebow to come in and play the rest of the game, to get his reps up like Fox has said. If Orton doesn't play I would not be surprised to see Tebow start and Quinn take over in the second half. How about that for a headline "Tebow from 3rd to 1st String". Stupid media...

The Game:

Moving on, since we have already covered the QBs lets take a look at the other aspects of the game. With the starters playing a lot more time I hope to see Moreno or McGahee get over 100 yards rushing, now that would be good.

At the WR position keep an eye on my boy Ninja Willis and the battle for the 4th spot with Britt Davis. Big games from either of these guys could mean a roster spot.

For the TEs it is still a battle for everyone. Hopefully a few will start to really stand out. Look for Thomas to get a few catches and pray he makes a block.

The OL is solid but watch Beadles, he is the weak link in the line so far. If the line gets a good push we should be alright for this game.

On the defensive side of the ball keep an eye on Ayers. He will get a lot of snaps and hopefully be able to get sack this week, which would be huge for his confidence. We all know Von Doom are going to be awesome. Also play attention to the run defense up the middle, it has struggled a little so far this year.

For the LBs the guy to watch for me would be Irving. He may or may not play depending on if he plays with the second team. But I am still waiting for him to show up. Otherwise Mays is the guy we need to see continue to improve.

In the secondary unfortunately for my boy Squid he has a guy named Champ Bailey playing in his nickel position so I ain't expecting to see much of him, though Squid is an intercepting machine! Pay attention to Vaughn when Champ goes to the slot. He is going to need to be able to cover the no 1 well for this D to succeed. For the safeties hopefully Rahim continues to lay people out! Otherwise I have started to hear good stuff from Training on McBath. He may see some time late.

Well that is my points of interest for the game. Everybody enjoy ~ Aussie.


  1. Rich Quinn released. Here I was hoping he wouldn't get stolen away like Barrett did last year and he made it through waivers. Then we turn around and just send him packing. Another McD trade up gone haywire. Two 3rd round picks gone with nothing to show for them. At least, even with all the failed picks, we can still say good ridence to Cutler and Marshall being gone.

  2. Nope. I was just planning on watching it on on NFL Network tomorrow morning.

  3. Yeah but that doesn't help me out :P haha

  4. Well unlucky for me I didn't get to see the game :( so I will have to get one of you to give me your views on the game.