August 4, 2011

Broncos Report - News and little else

There is not much news coming out of Dove Valley these days as the Broncos roster is pretty much set and we are preparing for our first game against Dallas. Anyway here is the news that I do have.

The players have agreed to the new CBA and it is now officially signed off. This means players like Prater and Woodyard are now able to practice with the team. It is interesting to note that under the new deal players will be able to be HGH tested. The NFL and NFLPA entered round-the-clock negotiations Saturday. They emerged five days later with a deal that makes the NFL the first major U.S. professional sports league to use blood testing for human growth hormone, according to a source. The NFL will be allowed to check each player annually for HGH -- but only after the union is confident in the way testing and appeals will work. The possibility of using an independent arbirtrator remains in play.

This is interesting because a while back a report came out that about 40% of players had used something and were cheats. We believed that it probably was a lot less then this, at most 10%. But it will be interesting to see how many players get caught.

Training camp continues for the Broncos, they had a walk through this morning. It will be interesting to see if newly signed players will be at this evenings practice. Yes Ty Warren is at practice tonight. DJ Williams seems to be back training again.

The Broncos on Thursday waived cornerback Chevis Jackson. The move made room for defensive lineman Ty Warren on the 90-man roster. Jackson was awarded to the Broncos off waivers from New England on Dec. 20, 2010.

John Lynch was at practice today and spent some time talking to Elway. And LenDale White is still out with back spasms.

The Saints, Broncos, and Cardinals are all showing interest in free agent OLB Matt Roth. Roth has been adamant about not playing in a 4-3 defense, which would seem to rule out New Orleans and Denver. (Barring a change of heart, of course.) Roth would make a lot more sense in Arizona if the Cardinals hadn't kept Joey Porter. Perhaps the Cards would reconsider Porter's fate if they acquired Roth.

That is all for now, if other news happens I will put it up. ~ Aussie.

He's back...

More stuff about Tebow:

Yesterday I said 'There is also the chance that Orton could start the season (even play the whole season) to let Tebow develop to be ready to come in when it is his time. Remember talented players are not just forgotten, good teams develop them. Plus talent doesn't just disappear. Confidence and Attitude do. Take Randy Moss as an example, always uber talented but didn't always have the right attitude. For Tebow I believe he has been lacking confidence the last few days and is working himself into the grind of training camp.'

John Bena over at MHR had this to add. It may mean Tebow also doesn't have the correct attitude at the moment too. No confidence and doesn't have the correct attitude it doesn't surprise me that Tebow is struggling early. But if he regains that back we may start to see Tebow improve and move forward. I can see it happening after Tebow has some good game time. Until then we may have to be patient and hope Tebow starts moving in the right direction.

Also I am starting to buy into the theory, that was started over at IAOFM, that the Orton trade talks effected Tebow more than the rest of the team.


  1. Looks like Sharpe is in the hall baby!

  2. Not just yet Aussie. About to watch the ceremony now. Can hardly wait till its FINALLY official!!!

  3. And looks like they decided to waive Mario Fannin after he injured ankle on Friday. Another RB out the window. Must be something in the Mile High air.....