August 13, 2011

Broncos Vs Cowboys - Post Game Review

Hey everyone, I was unable to follow the game, but I have seen as much as I can and followed along on a number of other sites. Which means I will need to defer to all your views and opinions on the game. But below is the views that I got.

Start with QBs. Orton was solid, his stats meant not show it but he was good, failed in the redzone though. Tebow was good, started off poorly but settled in nicely. He didn't go past his first read much and probably run a little too much, but he put in the effort and wanted to make plays. Quinn was very much the same as Tebow, started off shaky but settled down nicely. Made a number of nice plays, problem was it was against the 3rd teamers.

Running backs were good, Knowshon and Willis were great. Ball and White struggled but they were behind the terrible 2nd string O-line. Johnson looked real nice too.

Wide Receivers all looked nice and put in work. Was unlucky for Mark Dell who got injured in the game. As such he was waived/injured, to fill his roster spot the Broncos picked up Greg Orton.

Starting O-Line was good, the backups terrible.

The defense I thought seemed much improved. Hunter was trying very hard, got two sacks. Problem was there is still Nate Jones on the team.

Cassius Vaughn started out really good, but he struggled a bit towards the end of the game. He tried very hard throughout the game.

Plus I didn't like how there were so many penalties. Got to tighten that up.

Also Tebow needs to get the guns out! Maybe he is keeping his secret weapons in reserve. 

If there is something else you may have seen hit me up in the comments. ~ Aussie.


  1. Nothing new and no new comments or posts. Laters.

  2. Also the new kickoff rule is borrrinng! I don't even see the point of kicking off any more just give the other team the ball from the 20.

    Yeah digger not much doing, will have a preview post of this weeks game up in a few days.

  3. Dareus coming to Denver.

  4. Yes will be interesting to see what dareus does in Denver. But how much will the first teamers play in the second preseason game.

  5. Arrr looks like Warren may be done with tricep injury.