August 9, 2011

Preseason Game 1: Broncos Vs Cowboys Preview

The Broncos first preseason game will be this Thursday against the ever popular Cowgirls. First we will look at the news and the 'current' depth chart. Then I will list points of interest that you should be looking for in the first game.

The DenverPost has a article up about the offensive line and its struggles.

Another article about Julius Thomas and his success running with the first team, was interesting to note that he was fifth on the depth chart.

Here is the Broncos Depth Chart from DP.

Depth Chart:

Lets take a look at the depth chart and look at some points of interest. The QBs are Orton, Tebow, Quinn and Weber. Did you expect anything different? This may or may not change over the course of the preseason.

LenDale White is among the top four running backs at the moment. If he plays well he should avoid the cut.

Royal is ahead of Decker as the number two, I think this may change so Royal can play the slot position. Also my boy Ninja Willis is the number two behind Lloyd and in the top four receivers. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

There is a log-jam at TE with the two rookies at the bottom, I have a feeling this is more out of respect for the vets. I expect the two rookies to make the roster.

Defense is pretty set. Irving is third string at the moment (behind Mays and Haggan) and is likely to move up over the preseason with good play.

Cassius Vaughn is the number two cornerback behind Champ. That means he is the nickel corner taking Squids position. This may change with good play by Squid but will be interesting to watch.

The Game: 

As per this article the first team players are only expected to play a few series. As such we won't be seeing much of the starters so don't expect a lot out of them. But try to focus on the rookies that start with the number ones and how they play.

I would like to see Larsen get the ball a bit. And Ninja Willis get a few grabs.

Look at the TE and MLB position battles. See what Green and Thomas can do. Then the battle between Mays and Irving.

It will be interesting to see what Quinton Carter can do. I look to see him get a serious amount of playing time.

Of course remember to check out the QBs. See if Tebow pulls it together or if Quinn is playing better.

Oh and that everyone stays healthy!

Well that is it. We will do a post game review and I would like to get your views and opinions on the game and players. Well enjoy the game ~ Aussie.


  1. Also because it was in July during the lockout we missed it, but broncos blog is 2! That is right we have been doing this for 2 years now. Happy b-day us!

  2. lol, totally spaced that we've had this blog for 2 years. Crazy how time flies by. Glad we've been able to keep it up this long.

    Can't wait for some football tomorrow night. KC doesn't like showing Denver preseason games... its a stretch just to get them to show regular season games so I'll probably miss all 4 pre season games. Sucks cause that's probably the only time I'll get to see Tebow play (assuming Orton pulls of some kind of miracle).

    Also, I am going out to CO for a few days to see my little cousins so I'll be gone till late Tuesday probably. Wish I could make it to at least one TC practice while I'm out there but I'm real short on time. I leave Friday afternoon so won't be able to help out with any updates & stuff. Just a heads up.

  3. This will probably be the last you hear from me for almost a week so...

    GO BRONCOS!!! Kick some Cowgirl butt!!! ;) :D

  4. I know what u mean I will be at work for this preseason game and probably won't see much but will do my best.

    Also enjoy the trip and take some time to relax, I can cover for you while you are away.

    I have a feeling that Tebow will play at some point this year so don't fret.

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  10. Haha thanks TRB, I think I hooked up chris, I sent him links to stuff, and yes free to say whatever here really, enjoy the game everyone.

  11. Oh and TRB I was just poking fun at gray about the comment, they always assume that all NFL fans are in the US problem is there are just as many if not more outside it.


  13. even better feed. works well. great sound and video. TRB

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