August 30, 2011

Preseason Game 4: Cardinals Vs Broncos Preview

The end of preseason is finally here. Problem is we still have to go through cuts to get to the final roster. Which could mean that the Broncos may let go of a fan favourite. But what ever happens the Broncos will continue to move forward to the start of the regular season and the important games. This weeks' game is against the Cardinals and would be the Broncos second road game, having lost the first to Dallas. It would be good to see the Broncos get the win and keep that momentum for road games rolling. The Broncos play, like most other teams on Thursday night, with cut day soon after. It is expected that the starters will not play in this game with the backups getting all the reps. This will be the last chance for these players to impress and hopefully get a roster spot.

Let's get into it and start looking at this game and a free story lines. Early in the week the Broncos had to cut a few players to get the roster down to 80 as per league rules. The cuts are as follows:

Cornerback Nate Jones, released
LB Braxton Kelley, waived
LB Deron Mayo, waived
RB C.J. Gable, waived
OL Shawn Murphy, waived
OLCurt Porter, waived
DE David Veikune, waived

*Note: The difference between waived and released is waived players have less than 4 years of service and released players have more than 4 years.

All this guys had really done nothing so far this preseason. Kelly played well against Dallas but since disappeared. Veikune was at a full position but has struggled a lot since being a second round pick. There was one guy on this list that had done a lot, all of it bad, so long Nate "Burnt" Jones.

A few small nagging injuries occurred over the last view days. Head coach John Fox said defensive end Elvis Dumervil​ felt a twinge in his groin muscle early in Tuesday's practice, and safety Brian Dawkins was pulled out the practice after getting his neck twisted under a pile of linemen.Other starters held out of practice Tuesday include linebacker D.J. Williams (elbow), defensive tackles Kevin Vickerson (ankle) and Broderick Bunkley (knee) and right guard Chris Kuper (toe).

There is a chance defensive tackle Marcus Thomas will be able to return for the season opener after missing the final three weeks of the preseason with a pectoral injury.

Defensive tackle Ty Warren was back at Dove Valley watching his first practice since undergoing surgery to repair a torn triceps tendon a week ago. The team is hopeful Warren will be able to return late in the season.

The Game:

There are a few aspects to this game that will be interesting to see. Most still flow on from last week because the battles have been hard fought and close. Anyway these are a few things to watch.

At QB I wonder if Quinn will even play? Tebow is expected to get a half worth of work in. Whether Quinn say plays the first is unknown. But Tebow will see a lot of time and Weber will get a go towards the end of the game. Weber may get an half but I think he will only see a quarter late in the game.

There is an interesting battle going on for that 3rd and 4th RB spot. Lance Ball, Brandon Minor and Jeremiah Johnson are fighting for those two positions. Whoever gets that 4th spot also has to play well enough to hold onto it or be cut for a waiver wire player. I am hoping Johnson steps it up.

Most of the positions are set at WR. But that 4th and 5th position may be up there for grabs. Ninja Willis and David Anderson have those position now but a strong game by Britt Davis may cause a reordering of this and one will be let go. All 3 need a big game.

TE is a different story. Besides Fells and Thomas the other position or two are available (it is unknown if Fox will keep 3 or 4 TEs). Gronk, Green and Rosario are fighting over I believe the last two spots. Personally I would like to see Green and Gronk get it. I like Gronk and he continues to improve. Big games from these guys will mean roster spots.

Larsen has the FB spot locked down. But since he is a starter I doubt he plays much so we will get a long look at Austin Sylvester. I wonder what he has got.

Should the backup OL even show up? Oslen I think stays, the rest are gone.

On the defensive side of the ball we will get to see all the guys that are buried deep at DT. We should see a lot of Unrein, Brown and Pressley. At DE it is make or break for Havery, Hunter and Beal. Havery is currently in the lead and Hunter has been doing well. I am hoping to see something out of Beal though.

For the backers who is going to play Weak? Is Wes going to play the whole game. I think Mohamed will play some there. Speaking of Mohamed he needs to step it up to beat out Haggan and maybe Lee Robinson for the last LB spot. Also Irving should play most of the game, I want to see Irving destroying people!

The CBs still have some competition going on. Squid, Cox, Harris and Bing are still fighting it out for spots. Harris has impressed in camp and is making a push for a position. Squid I think is a lock and Cox may be cut? This game will sort out this problem. Expect a Squid intercept.

The Safeties are in the same position as the corners. With too many good players and not enough positions. It could come down to them deciding on a TE or another Safety. Kyle McCarthy seems to have a position locked up. So that leaves maybe two for Quinton Carter, Darcel McBath and David Bruton. Will Fox keep 4 or 5 safeties? Carter I think stays because of his draft position and that he has played pretty good. Bruton has been ok but he is also the top Gunner on the team so his position looks good. Leaving McBath who is very talented and a solid STer. The question becomes keep 5 safeties and say lose a TE or go 4,4? This will probably be the toughest cut to make. Who plays the best in this game will make the roster.

Kicker, Punter and Long Snapper are sorted but I will be sad to lose Steven Hauschka. Another team will pick him up though and I wish him luck.

That is all I got, did I miss anything? ~ Aussie.


  1. Hey Doc I responded to your comment on the preivous post.

  2. I like Rosario over gronkowski

  3. Only got to watch the 1st half, Quinn showed his true self... thank God (for Tebow's sake). After what I saw from Quinn, if he moves up to backup I think the coach is high on something. I can't imagine they will after what happened last night. Watched what I could for the 2nd half, mainly Tebow's shining moment when he had several great passes that were caught. He & Quinn have nothing in common on the field. Tebow fights for yards, can bully the defenders, he's hard to take down & he's a fighter, something this offense so badly needs. Quinn was beyond sloppy, several moments looked like he wasn't even trying throwing the ball around like its candy. Arizona D ate him up! Should've left him in Arizona, lol.

    I say Tebow remains Orton's backup & Quinn is stuck in 3rd place again. I just can't imagine or picture Quinn as the backup this team would rely on during games that actually matter. I don't trust him on the field... in a scary, I don't want to find out kind of way. I think putting Tebow at #2 would give him more opportunities to play during the season. Kid needs a break & a fair shot... not gonna get that sitting on the bench at #3. Orton is our starter, I can say that without feeling ill, but with Tebow at #2 he's got more of a better chance to see some playing time. Quinn will be lucky to get a second glance if put at #3.

    And HUGE blow to our D... Squid is out for the season with a torn Achilles. U all know how p'od & irritated I am over this defense catching the injury bug EVERY season. So mad about this one I don't even know what to say. I had big hopes for Squid. Real shame to lose him for the season like this, really wanted him to make the roster. This one bites for sure!

    There's my 2 cents.....

  4. Thanks Princess, I got to agree, Quinn is 3rd string material.

    Total bummer on squid.