August 18, 2011

Preseason Game 2: Broncos Vs Bill Preview

The Broncos take on the Bills this Saturday in the newly named Sports Authority Field at Mile High or SAFaMH. This will be the Broncos first home game of the year and hopefully I will be able to see this one! So let's get started and take a look at the news and the upcoming game.

First updating a previous item Broncos DT Ty Warren will undergo surgery Tuesday to repair his partially torn right triceps. So much for the hope that Warren could avoid surgery and play in 4-6 weeks. Now that he's going under the knife, Warren is expected to miss 3-6 months. It looks like we will have little choice but to place him on injured reserve, ending his season. They may try PUP but this is an injury that takes time.

In other injury news, Offensive linemen Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin both practiced this morning after getting a little banged up yesterday. Syd’Quan Thompson was also back on the practice field. Hope to see Squid get some intercepts in Saturdays game.

Brandon Lloyd and Brian Dawkins did not participate — a team decision, Head Coach John Fox said — and watched from the sideline. Marcus Thomas (pectoral), Demaryius Thomas (Achilles), Richard Quinn (knee sprain), Stanley Daniels (ankle sprain) and Ronnell Brown (ankle sprain) also sat out practice.

The Game:

Now I am unsure how the game will be structured with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams. I believe the 1st team will see a bit more time in this game. May play the whole first quarter and a little bit in the second. I expect the 2nd team, with Tebow and Quinn sharing a bit in the second and third quarters. The 3rd team will play in the fourth with probably Quinn at QB and we may see some Weber late.

As always pay close addition to the QBs. See if there has been any improvement in their play. Watch Quinn closely and see if he throws bad balls, as in behind the receiver or too high, hospital balls. I have been hearing that Quinn has been doing well but he hasn't made it easy for his receivers. See if Tebow plays better than last week and continues to improve, he really wants a TD, plus get the guns out! Also hope/pray Orton can get the ball in the endzone.

Watch the new guys or the guys that missed last weeks game. As mentioned above I want to see Squid get a pick or two. But who I am really interested in is MLB Nate Irving. I want to see him run around and what he brings to the team.

Dareus is coming to Denver too, hopeful Von Miller shows Dareus why we past on him in the draft.

The team needs to show the basics, run the ball, stop the run and create a pass rush. These are things I like too see. Plus limit the penalties!

Other than that just got to pay addition to all the battles across the team. Who performs at RB, Safety, WR, etc.

As before we will review the game and the top performers. Hopefully I can give a better opinion after I see this game. ~ Aussie.


  1. Really sucks about Warren. Absolutely ridiculous something like this happens every time before the season. Unbelievable. I was looking forward to seeing what Warren could bring to this defense too. - Shaking my head in complete disbelief -

    Will be a good game I'm sure. I pray to God Tebow can "up" his game and shut everyone up. Not just so he can look good but I REALLY want him to be a great QB. I think I'd be sick to my stomach if he ended up 3rd string behind Quinn of all people. I honestly don't see that happening but at this point, nothing can be ruled out. Tebow is much better than 3rd string. Then we'd never see him play. I'm with you all the way Tebow!! lol

  2. Yeah Princess I feel the same way about Warren, is a total bummer.

    I want to see Tebow impress like you and also not real happy with Quinn, not my favorite player. And I agree, Tebow is a talented player but he needs to earn the position. Though Orton is soooooooooo boring haha.

  3. it will be interesting to see who has the better game... dareus or miller. I am a bigger fan of miller as a person and I love what he does on the field. But my main thing with dareus and me wanting him more on draft day was for the fact that we are so weak at DT. And now our starting guys being out for awhile makes this match up tonight all the more interesting. Also I am tired of all the Tebow hating. He completes all but one pass last week, and all the highlights for his week are of his one incomplete pass and his called back INT. HELLO, his pass was picked because the guy he threw it to got chucked onto the ground. Sorry, just letting some steam off!

  4. lol, your frustration is understandable Jazzy. The hating on Tebow is ridiculous.

    And you know I've always been about players earning their spots on the roster... its no different for Tebow other than it seems to be he has to fight harder just to get some respect, let alone fight for the #2 spot.

  5. Guess I need a good link to the game too. The one TRB got last time was perfect. Not the one from justintv but it ended with

  6. Yeah I haven't found a link, anyone got one?

  7. Got one needs Vshare though.

  8. Looks like Orton is being himself... bleh! Sacked twice. Good Lord get him off that field!

    Although before I get completely off my rocker here, and please take this somewhat lightly when I say we have to keep in mind he may not be "giving it his all" cuz its pre season and we all know how fragile this team is physically. No need to risk more injuries for a team already on the edge. I'm not saying in any way that Orton is a decent QB BUT it could very well be a different story with him at the start of the season when the games actually matter.

  9. Yeah Princess, Orton has been taking it easy getting sacked. Plus what is with the screen game. Run, screen, run, screen, don't we have receivers??

  10. lol, true but he just got himself a TD... or at least got it to McGahee who got the score. And when that happens I don't care who's behind center as long as we get those TDs. McGahee just plowed that TD through the Bills defense. Just saw the highlight for it. Awesome!!

  11. Miller looked great! He really is QUICK!!!!

  12. Tebow got ripped off BIG time tonight. So p'od right now I don't have any words. Gonna have to sleep this one off.

  13. Not sure what was doing with Tebow, but he was set up to fail I think. Miller does look good.