December 21, 2010

Broncos Blog - Merry Christmas

Hey guys and gal. I thought I would post this up as I will be going on holidays soon. So from me here to everyone else a big Broncos Blog Merry Christmas. Will be an interesting week with Tebow playing again against Houston.

In other news LB Alexander was waived for CB Jackson. Alexander was arrested yesterday on an assault charge, is interesting how this went down. And I few players are starting to come back from injuries. These include guys like Dawkins and Thomas, Moreno I believe will also be good to go this week.

Also not sure how many of you checked out the Coaching Options. You don't have to read it all, just look at some of the names and get some ideas. I posted below the thoughts I had on the situation:

My Thoughts
Head Coach
The best option that I can see for a head coach is a manager/leader type. A guy that will let his coordinates have good input into their sections and let them run those sections. Be more of a leader of the team then taking on too much. Be a coach who coaches coaches and players.

The guys I like for this position are:
Jim Harbaugh, Troy Calhoun, Jim Fassel, Leslie Frazier

Offensive Coordinate
The problem will be that the new HC will want to bring in his guys, but I think if it can be done, Ellis and Elway need to have a say on who is a part of the staff. For OC I would like someone with previous Broncos experience and has a good fire in his offensive play calling.

My top pick would be Gary Kubiak (Who had worked with Calhoun before). Dennison and Bates could be options also.

Defensive Coordinate
This is simple I want a 3-4 DC, and my pick would be Phillips or Nolan.

General Manager
I like the idea of Dungy or Parcells as GM but my favourite option is Eric DeCosta. I would also like to keep Xanders (X-man) as he knows this roster, we don’t want them trading away a fan favourite like Squid or Decker.

I think putting together a team like this would really set the Broncos up for good things in the future.

Well that is it from me guys and gal. Have a great Christmas and I will catch you all soon ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Well, really the only thing to talk about right now other than the actual games. This is going to be the longest offseason we have ever had, because it started as soon as McDaniels was fired. Mocks are coming out already. Man this sucks being 3-11. We can't even talk to whoever the next HC will be until after the season is over. Kubiak would have to get fired. Yet, would he be humiliated enough to go back to OC. Nolan is not coming back to Denver in a lateral move. The only thing that gets him here is HC job. At the time of the firing I thought there must be a plan in place to do it in the middle of the season. It would have to be someone they were able to talk with without getting in trouble. Something sneaky for sure. Like Urban Meyer convieniatly quitting. Or the talk of Gruden going back to HCing and then he hushed it all so he could keep his TV gig. We just have to be patient on this too. There's no way there was a plan with everything you'vetalked about. No urgency to fire McD other than if he didn't want Tebow to see the field at all this year. Personally I think Ellis is just flying by the seat of his pants and Bowlen is letting him. There will be a hasty pick of a HC trying to beat everyone else to a hotshot coordinator. We may in for a bunch of years of long offseasons if they don't get this next HC right.

  2. Here's my only Christmas wish for the Broncos. Bowlen talked with Gruden, convinced him to be the next HC, but gave him permissiion to finish out the year on MNF. Gruden can hire the staff he wants, I don't care as long as his DC builds the D around players we already have and the draft. Fuck all these old ass FAs signed for 4 years, good for one. Keep the guys we got first and foremost. Gruden will listen to people though. It's obvious we need defensive help just as we did when McD took over. He will get it. He will hire good def. assistants and give them power to run it.

  3. For a coach, I think John Gruden is the way to go.

    During his tenure (while having to work for Al Davis...) he built a team that in his 3rd year Won the AFC West and lost to eventual Super Bowl winners the Baltimore Ravens.

    In his 4th year the Raiders won the AFC West again, but because of "The Tuck Rule" in the AFC Playoffs, they lost to eventual Super Bowl winners New England Patriots.

    What was to be his 5th year with the Raiders, Gruden was traded to Tampa Bay for pocket change ($8 million) and 4 draft picks. That year the Raiders won the AFC West for the 3rd straight year and went on to the Super Bowl.

    Unfortunately for the Raiders they faced Tampa Bay who was coached by John Gruden (Karma's a bitch Mr. Al Davis is all to familiar with.) They continued to use John Gruden's offense making very little changes, and because of it Tampa Bays Defense was able to predict most of the plays and utterly Destroyed Gruden's old Raiders team. Gruden won his first and only Superbowl.

    I think he knows how to build a team on both sides of the ball even though he is an Offensive minded coach. I also believe he can evaluate talent and use what he has and draft players that we need. He was able to step in and fill Tony Dungy's shoes in Tampa Bay and take them to a Super Bowl. Hell, he had Brad Johnson as QB and he went to the Pro Bowl that year. I really don't see a down side to make him head coach. Especially after a year like this, how low can we go?

  4. I need a link to the game again. HELP!!!

  5. Hey guys and gal, hello from my holiday, was a great game today, Tebow is a beast, Bucky played well, as did dawkins, love me some Squid too.

    As for Head Coaches I think it needs to be talked about becuase as soon as the season is over there will be a new GM and then HC, it all could happen very quickly.

    But anyway, merry christmas all and a happy new years.