December 30, 2010

Broncos News - Happy New Year

Hey guys and gal, how has it been going? I thought I would drop by and do a quick update on the current Broncos situation. Also check out the preview below...

First off, WR Brandon Lloyd has been named to the Pro Bowl. Lloyd has been having a great season so far and has recently been helping out Tebow in a big way. Look for him to connect some more this week with Tebow as he goes for over 1400 receiving yards.

Moreno and Champ both are nursing injuries and are doubtful for this weeks game. But WR Thomas may be set to make a return this week. I hope to see him and Decker get more involved with Tebow.

As for the playoffs who will take it all? Patriots?

Also in the news Champ has been talking to the media. Here is a few quotes:

“It’s crossed my mind a few times but I’m still optimistic I can get something done here,” Bailey said on leaving the Broncos. “Obviously I don’t hold all the cards. It’s one of those things where I’ve got to wait and see.

“If it happens, it happens. If it’s my last game, then it’s my last game. So be it.” Sounds to me Champ is hoping for a deal that he likes.

As for the game the Broncos are taking on the Chargers, it will be an interesting game with both teams only playing for pride.

After this game is when things get really interesting. I think the day after Elway will be announced as joining the team, big media conference and all. The day after the GM is named, whether that is X-man or someone else is yet to be seen. And a week later we will have a head coach, then OC and DC will follow. It would be good to have Elway, Ellis and the GM all involved in looking for the HC so it ain't just Ellis.

And that is it from me, everyone have a Happy and safe New Years ~ Aussie Out!


  1. LOL, guess we were both thinking along the same lines. haha

    Anyway, I put a short preview for the game on Sunday with some trivia questions.

    Happy New Years to everyone!

  2. We know one thing, next year can't get much worse than what we've been going through since our infamous 3 game slide and SD's 3 game win streak to knock us out of the playoffs when we seemed to be a lock. IMO, it would be huge to get the win this week just to right the ship and feel like things are going back in the right direction. After last week it kind of feels like it is already because of the "magical" comeback behind our new leader we have desparately been seeking. Now if we can only get something similar on the defensive side of the ball.

  3. Yes need some serious D. Hope Tebow continues to play well though.

  4. Happy New Year G. It probably has been for a while there already.

  5. Haha yeah, and Happy new year to you to Digger.