December 18, 2010

Broncos Vs Raiders - Preview

Hey guys and gal, the Broncos take on the Raiders this week in the Black hole. The Broncos are coming off a loss to the Cardinals where the team was beaten thoroughly 43-13. The Raiders on the other hand need to keep winning to have any chance at making it to the playoffs. This game will be interesting for only one reason, because it is (could be) Tebow Time! Yes that is right, Orton has been injured all week and doesn't look like he will be able to play this week. Which is good news for us Broncos fans who want to see some Tebow.

What I want to see, a TD pass from Tebow to Decker and we will get a Teboner haha.

ESPN Had this to say about what to look out for when Tebow plays:
His mechanics: The left-hander’s mechanics have been scrutinized. Many scouts don’t think he’ll ever become an effective NFL starter because of his awkward throwing motion. He has made some improvements in that area, but don’t expect to see a refined Tebow on Sunday. He’s always going look a tad funny when he cranks back to pass. The key is whether or not he has improved his accuracy on intermediate-to-longer passes.

His ability to run: Adam Schefter’s report said Denver has tailored its game plan to fit Tebow’s skills. That means he will be on the loose. Tebow was best in college when he was scrambling and running with the ball. His game is based on chaos. In training camp practices, he seemed to be better when the play broke down. Expect Denver to use the shotgun formation liberally.

His poise: Oakland has a swarming, athletic defense. It will be interesting to see how Tebow negotiates it in his first extensive NFL action. The Black Hole is going to be loud and hostile. Tebow has handled pressure well in the SEC. Let’s see how he handles playing in Oakland.

Can he spark the Broncos? Tebow routinely lifted Florida. The Broncos badly need a lift. Their offense is struggling. This is an enthusiastic, feisty player. Is it possible he can inspire his team to pull off an upset over a team that still has playoff hopes?

Ball security: One of Tebow’s biggest issues in the preseason and in practice has been turnovers. He had a tendency to fumble and throw interceptions. That will not fly in Oakland on Sunday. Tebow must give himself a chance to succeed by playing a clean game.

What I want to see is that the Broncos play with an inspired effort and that our defense can hold the Raiders to an reasonable score. I do not mind if we don't win, but that would be a great bonus. I want to see something for the future, a glimmer of hope. ~ Aussie Out!

Oh and make sure to check out the coaching options below and let me know what you think or want.


  1. ITS TEBOW TIME BABY! All of these assumptions are based on practice and a college career. JUst becoz this kid doesn't fit the mould, he is destined to fail in their eyes.. Tebow will shock the NFL world!! Maybe not this season but we are working for a greater future

  2. Anyone have a direct link to the game... coming back to KC territory has done me no good. HELP!!!!!!!! I think I came back home too soon. Gotta watch my Tebow play.


    A little late I know.

  4. Nice to see you back princess. Loving me some Tebow at the moment, he needs to pass more though.

    and yeah use that link.

  5. We didn't win, but I got a Teboner.

    Princess do you want to do a post game review, I am at work and didn't get to see the game.

  6. Is that sarcasm digger? Or are you happy with Tebows play.

    I would like to see less run and more passes next week. But Tebow was solid today bummer no one was helping him out.