December 9, 2010

Broncos Vs Cardinals

Well guys and gal time to do a bit of a preview for this week’s upcoming game. The Broncos (3-9) are going on the road to take on the Arizona Cardinals (3-9). Both teams have struggled this year and haven’t been able to get wins when they mattered. The Cards are coming off a 7 game losing streak and the Broncos are trying not to lose their 4th game in a role. Last week the Cards played the Rams that got the win in a game that was a little close. But the Cards have had problems with their QBs but more on that later. The Broncos on the other handed played the Chiefs last week in a close and tough game. The Broncos would lose the game 10-6 but fought hard.

After losing against the Chiefs and being knockout of the playoffs for another year Owner Pat Bowlen decided to make a change and fire Head Coach McDaniels. There are a number of possible reasons for this, the spygate 2, being knocked out of the playoffs or Bowlen was fed up with McD. Anyway it means the Eric Studesville will take over as HC and this changes up a few things on game day. As he is more of a manger, show McCoy will be calling plays. It will be interesting to see how that goes down on game day and if there is a spark of energy late in the year.

The Broncos offense thought it was opposite day last week as Orton struggled and could not get anything going. He only got 117 yards all a game, about 200 less than he usually gets. We will need Orton to have a bounce back game against a weak Cards’ secondary. But it will be on McCoy to call the right plays in the right situations to help Orton get it done. On the other hand Moreno had his best game all year last week and is starting to come in to his own. If he gets 100 yards in each of the next 4 games he will go over a 1000 yards! I never thought we would be so surprised to see a Broncos running back do that. But it will be up to Moreno to support Orton and carry the ball 20+ times in this game. There is also the option of Tebow, it is unsure how the HC will use or see Tebow. If Orton struggles early and throws a few picks we may see Tebow get the nod.

For the Cards they have had trouble with their QBs, Anderson was pulled last week after taking a number of shots and playing poorly. He hasn’t trained all week which makes me think that he may have sustained a concussion in last weeks game. Max Hall came in and took over for Anderson. But he didn’t do much better, he was sacked twice and on the second sack he dislocated his shoulder and will probably miss the rest of the season. That leads us to John Skelton, a QB that I thought could have a future in the NFL. He came out and played OK but made rookie mistakes, as he is a rookie. It is very possible that Skelton is the QB to start against the Broncos and our push rush should have a field day against him. Skelton will also have Hightower and Wells backing him up at RB, both have not done much this year. But look for Skelton to go after his best and favorite target Larry Fitzgerald in the passing game. It will be Champs job to stop him.

It will be up to the Broncos' pass rush to unsettle the rookie QB Skelton and help out Champ and the secondary that has to cover Larry and Breaston. I want to see Cox, Squid and Ayers play well in this game. I really think we can go after the Cards offense. Would also like to see Bruton get more game time.

On their side of the defense we need to block well and take guys like Porter and Dockett out of the game. But if we get rolling we really should role these guys easily.

My Prediction for the game is the Broncos play with renewed energy and flat out dominate the Cards in this one. I am predicting a 33-14 score line.

Matt Prater made his first appearance on the injury report this season as he was limited in Thursday’s session with a right groin injury. Andre Goodman (quadricep) and Darcel McBath (quadricep/ankle) also had limited participation in the session.

Brian Dawkins (knee), Spencer Larsen (hamstring) and Demaryius Thomas (ankle) missed their second straight workout and Studesville said previously that all three will miss Sunday’s game.

For the Cardinals, Anderson (head) was the lone player to miss Thursday’s practice. WR Steve Breaston (knee), DE Calais Campbell (ankle), K Jay Feeley (right groin), LB Clark Haggans (groin) and LB Joey Porter (knee) practiced with limited participation. CB Michael Adams (shoulder), DT Darnell Dockett (shoulder) and CB Greg Toler (foot) had full participation in the session.


1) During the 1980s which Bronco receiver had the quickest touchdown reception in Super Bowl history?

2) Which Bronco running back released a single in 1977 called, "Make Those Miracles Happen"?

That is it, hit us up with answers to the trivia questions below ~ Aussie Out!


  1. 1) Rod Smith vs. SF
    2) No idea. '77? Keyworth?

  2. Haha Digger.

    Did Rod play in the 80s?

    And Digger spot on with Keyworth, nice guess haha

  3. Well guys, after some time to think about what I am going to do, and getting my head around this team I have worked out what I am planning.

    And that is three things, I am going to do three things leading up to next years draft. Along with the usual stuff I am going to do these three things.

    The first will be to do some research into coaches and options of combinations for the front office at dove valley. Expect this some time after the season ends.

    The second is aussies big board, I will be looking at the prospects that the team can draft. But instead of one big post I will group them into groups, like ILB, D-line. The reason being there is a great deal more this year because I am unsure the direction this team will be taking. I will post these up as we lead up to the draft.

    And the third thing of cause will be a mock draft, based on the information in the big board that I make. It will be done also leading up to the draft and will be updated as I get feed back for you guys.

    So I hope you guys look forward to that.

  4. Well guys. Look who it is. Me! haha. Yeah i know i havent been around in FOREVER. And its probly not a good excuse. But ive been absolutey busy for awhile. Everr since school started. Ive been busy with my school work. And all of football season having practice till late and trying to get everything done and computer time for me has been very lil. In a way i kinda forgot about the site. I do keep up with football and everything. I just found it hard to check up on the site regulary therefore i wouldnt comment stuff and keep up with it. Sorry guys. Ill be trying to check in alot more now, now that football season is over for me as we lost in the quarterfinals to the state champion team. But i guess alot has happened recently huh? lol. So Mcdaniels a fan. It was a good move and its time for the organization to move into another direction. Also Im looking forward to the offseason things that will be going on Aussie. Cant wait. Last year was fun. I wonder if i can win the pre-draft competition this year and not tie with Doc again. ha

  5. Haha 80# has been a long time brother, yeah we figured you were busy.

    And sweet as, was hoping to run the mock draft comp thing again.

    Also I need your help picking a running back for next years draft, need a list of names of small backs like McCluster that could be options for the team. I was wondering if you knew of any to look at?

    And what about Cox....

  6. Aussie
    Yeah. Probably not. I did google it though and it now is Hester with quickest score. I did remember the play you were referring to though, hazily. See when that SB was played I was at a SB party. The start was great(kind of like the SD game a couple of weeks ago) and the the 2nd quarter we got blown out. My party turned into a drunken mess. The SF SB was the same way. Anyway it was Ricky Natiel vs. Washington.

    Can't wait for the big board and draft talk to heat up. We just were starting to figure McD out. Wonder if Xanders stays.

    IMO There isn't a McLuster in this draft. Some will talk about Noel Devine RB West Virginia, but if we do draft someone like that I think maybe Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy would be OK. Sproles may be a FA we would like to consider.

  7. Nice Digger.

    And me too looking forward to the offseason will be interesting.

    And I will take those names down and add them to the lost.

    As for Sproles I would be surprised if the Chargers let him go.

  8. Obviously a lot has to happen yet before we can even consider accuratly making picks. Underclassmen must declare yet. Have to find out the top 20 draft order. Have to see if we resign Champ and Harris(if not CB orn OT has to be our #1 pick). We also need to know what spots we fill with FAs.
    That said, my preliminary mock.
    1. Trade with NE for their two #1s.
    Nate Solder OT Colorado 6-8 300
    Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 6-2 205
    2a. Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 6-6 265
    2b. Colin McCarthy ILB Miami (Fla.) 6-2 240
    3. Sione Fua DT Stanford 6-2 306
    4th round pick we get for Orton-Roy Helu RB Nebraska 6-0 220
    6. Nate Williams SS Washington 6-0 215
    7. Michael Janac DT/DE Marshall 6-5 295

  9. Yeah a lot could happen, I think since McD is gone and harris has been playing well he will stay for next year.

    And it will be the new HC job to get Champ on board, I think it would go a long way for the new HC to be able to get Champ to stay in the locker room.

    And to get rid of these guys and then re-draft their position is just setting us back more. So I am going to hope that we resign these two guys.

    As for the draft I am still unsure. Not sure I am sold on a guy like Fairley, but we need to have a good draft this year and go defense.

    My wish list/Things we need.
    DE - Hopefully a top talent guy that can come in right away, then another DE for depth, a guy like Lawerance Guy or JJ Watt.
    NT - Paea, Powe and Taylor are options.
    ILB - Need to find a good one here but there are no real standouts. Could go a guy like Sheppard or Jones early. Or my prefered option a guy like Herzlich or Matthews late.
    TE - Catching TE, I like Rudolph to, he is huge.
    CB - Need Depth
    S - Need Depth - Probably later round guy
    RB/WR - Speed guy like McCluster
    OT - Depth.

    These are things we need and need to be filled hopefully in that order. But I think we can fill the last 3 in FA and that means we can go after guys hard in the draft.

  10. G
    Ideally we resign Harris and Champ. Also very important is Prater. I don't like that the year we draft high is not a good year for NTs. JWilliams is alright, but only part time anymore. We knew this going in and still gave him big money. I say he should earn it by training someone. I don't like Powe or Taylor. Paea would be a good addition, but will go higher than he should I think. My intention was for Fua to play NT. Needs to add a few pounds, but could definatly replace Fields. I like Vikerson and Bannon as starting DEs. However, need something behind them as well. Not necessarily 1st round though. I love Mays for two down ILB. Of course DJ stays there too. Woodyard is FA also. Haggan can play all spots pretty well, but not an adequate starter IMO. Doom, Ayers healthy will go a long way. Hunter has been good. Have a few waiting in the wings also. So yeah not high priority to me at LBs either. Our D is NOT in bad shape. I would like most of our picks to go defensively as much as anybody, but just saying most will not crack starting lineup without a guy in front of them getting injured. Weird thing is our DB was a strength a year ago and now we're looking at needing a lot of help on it. Dawkins should be let go. Champ should be resigned to a lesser contract(yeah right!) and a high draft pick should be used on a CB. Good thing is CBs are plentiful in this draft. Another good thing is we got pretty lucky there last year already. To franchise Champ does not sound appealing to me. Some say franchise him and then trade him. I don't think either is a good idea. He still has it. I don't know anything about how far apart they were in contract talks earlier, but I say 5 more years at an average of 8 mil is fair and worthwhile.
    Offensively all I want is Orton gone. I feel the same way about that as I did about Wiegman and Hamilton last year. I know it sounds harsh, but that's the only thing I think HAS to be done. I don't even care if we get nothing for him.

  11. So i am looking forward to draft talk to and everything. As of now i am very little in knowledge of draft prospects. Once the season ends i will be researching alot more. I remember looking at Noel Devine from WV last year. And i liked him, not much as McCluster, but i like him. haha. I will have to look at some highlights from him this year to see how has game has improved. But i certainly do think we need that speedy change of back RB as i thought so last year also. I think McCluster turned out pretty good for the Chiefs. They just have 2 other great backs in there backfield so his chances are at a minimum. I think Charles for them is probly top 3 RB in the NFL. So McCluster got into a bad situation there, but he has shown flashes of brilliance there still. Area of need is D-line i think. Like you guys said. NT is huge ad Williams is old and almost done. Bannan is a very sold DE, but he is old. I think we could use 3 front 3 D-line men this draft. I also think bringing Champ back is a must as Harris. Mostly Champ tho. Also I leaning towards the getting rid of Orton also. Its a hard for me to say as he has been producing for alot of the season, but the organization needs someone new to get a fresh start and restore our winning ways. I hope Tebow is our guy...

  12. 80
    Sounds like football went better for you this year, but I have to say I'm glad it's over so you can talk again on the blogs. BB has asked about you on the other one also. KC got a lot of pieces last year I was rather jealous of. Berry, McCluster, Arenas, Asamoah and Moeaki were all talked about. They also added Weis and Crennel. They will be a force for quite some time. Now I'm thinking we will not be in near as much of a battle with them for certain type players with McD gone. The speedy fast guy we need should be a RB(not WR). It will be interesting to see how much Royal is used in the next 4 weeks. We are very strong at WR right now. Would love for Decker to start. Willis will be back also. If we could get something for Royal, I'd be OK with it.
    How do you feel about Studesville?

  13. If we could get something for Royal, trade wise, I'd be OK with it.

  14. Indeed it was a good season for my team this season Digger. Our final record was 9-2 and we were ranked #3 in the state. We almost beat the state champions to only losing by TD and one of our TD's got called back on muffed punt cause the refs screwed us over. We lost 21-13. Heres some highlights of the game:

    The muffed punt is at 4:30

    And yes the Chiefs did have a great draft last year and i do agree they will be a force to be reckoned with from now on. And yes i also agree we need that speed RB. We are stacked at WR with many of our backups could start for other teams. I love Royal, but we do have Willis, Decker, Thomas, Lolyd, i said were stacked. It wouldnt be to bad to trade Royal, but i just want good value for him if we do.

    And Studesville. Hopefully he can be STUD for us the rest of the season. haha. I really need to see how we do the rest of the season and that will determine his future with us. If he absolutly turns this team around and we won the rest of the games then lets go with him, but i doubt that will happen. What i would really like is to get a new coach. Specifically Cowher or Gruden. I like them both. I hope Cowher is high on Tebow cause i am and i think he is our future still. But either one of the guys would be perfect. We need a fresh start and a great coach to lead this team. Im wanting Cowher if hes for Tebow..

  15. I would prefer to trade Orton and Lloyd, I think that is good economics, bring am in train them up and ship them out. I think Royal still has a lot of talent and is dangerous. And Lloyd is old, think he will be 30 next year. Plus if he goes to the prow bowl he could be worth a 2nd round pick. Orton I say get what you can.

    As for the draft already sparking some interest. I like Bannan and Vickerson too both are solid but I think we need a dominate force on the line. If Paea was a little heavier I would take him in a heartbeat. I say we try to model our line on the best 3-4 line there was, Seymour, Wilfork and Warren, try and get guys like them.

    But I would love to get an everydown ILB, someone that can lead the team, we need that. Yes an NT for Williams to teach, Powe and Taylor both could be good or both could be busts is hard with them, and Fua is undersized for the position just like Paea.

    And yeah need that quick RB/WR, Our team lacks speed.

    And nice job 80# on finishing 3rd, you have to be happy with that.

  16. G
    I don't want to trade Lloyd at all. IMO he has saved Orton;s ass this year more than once.

    I watched it 80 and have to say i think you got screwed too. Of course you still would've had to get the two point conversion, after missing the extra point earlier, to tie it up. I think Head assumes you are #80 on the blue team since your handle is 80. Are you mentioned at all in the clip? I was looking for you. Not sure what your name was again though. In FF it says Caleb Brown. One time on the other blog though I thought you said it was A.J. something. Anyway, did you make the highlight reel?

  17. Two things I have learned from the aftermath of the McD firing.
    1. Xanders and McD were separate hires. I mean I knew Xanders came from Atl and McD from NE, but I thought it was kind of a package deal. Buy one get one free. LOL Why in the hell did we hire the youngest HC ever and the the youngest GM ever. Are we fricking stupid or what? Recipe for disaster. Which it was. Someone had to go. Goodbye little Napolean trying to make us NE west. Although I am glad we fired him, McD WILL make us sorry someday IMO.
    Now #2. This a lot is learned from 1st and wish he would elaborate more of his knowledge into this subject. Joe Ellis is the real idiot destroying our team and it will not stop with the hiring and firing of McD. We on the blogs got Shanny and McD fired, also MO, now we have to go after Ellis. This is Elways spot. If not Elway, someone who actually cares about the Broncos not his own power. The best part about the firing was the realization that Bowlen stills cares what the fans want. What we SHOULD all want now is Ellis out, Elway in. Can we take a vote?

  18. No,i wasnt #80 this year cause a senior got the number before me so i got #20 this year. Im in alot of the film actually. Im the small guy playing safety. haha. And also im playing safety this game cause our starting safety got hurt in the game before. I usually start at corner, but the coach thought i would be the best to replace our safety and let another person play corner since we have depth there. It was pretty frustrating for me but i had to do it. Its alot different playing safety than corner and my game was far from perfect. haha. And they never say my name, but like i said they show me alot. Also my name is Caleb Brown, but it changed when my parents split. But its really still Caleb Brown.

    And yes Digger, ELWAY in please!

  19. Orton is playing terrible at the moment 2 picks, way too many turnovers, pull him for Tebow!

  20. At least the D is playing well.

  21. Yet they let the Kicker score a TD, just great...

  22. 3-16 at the half and our offense is playing terrible, needs a spark, needs a Tebow!

  23. Pull Orton, come on the dude is doing nothing. He could not inspire fear in a 2 year old.

  24. TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! We have to put this guy in. After this game i can easily say Orton needs to be gone and Tebow needs to be in.

  25. Yeah the best thing that came out of this game was the Orton played so bad we have to start Tebow.

    Also thought Bruton played well and DJ and Ayers where ok. I actual think the D played well, but the offense did not help them at all.

  26. agreed. Also a bright spot ive been seeing for us in Moreno. I remember last year when most of the other guys on the trueblog were wanting Moreno gone. I kept saying he was that hard nosed runner and hes our powerback. I still think we need that speedy scat back now.

  27. Moreno has really come in to his own, I think he is the best offensive player we have and is really trying hard for this team. And yes need that speed back for a change of pace guy. Ball did alright but not amazing.

  28. Yea. Morenos effort is amazing. He knows how to finish a run and break tackles. If we could get Sproles id be thrilled. Hopefully SD lets him go but i doubt it. And oh i needed u to win in our yahoo league today for me to get into the playoffs. But doesnt look like thats happening. Now i need Vick and Miles Austin to produce 40 points or more for me to get into the playoffs. Think they'll get it?

  29. Me too, Sproles would be massive(pun intended) but I doubt SD let him go.

    And yeah I will struggle to win this one against Samoan. Unless Min D and Maclin can get 45+ points.

  30. you think i can get into the playoffs??

  31. You third right? Isn't it the top 4 that go playoffs?

  32. ya, but im going to lose this week which could push me out of top 4.

  33. Maybe it will be close, may come down to who has scored more points.

  34. Looks like Vick and Austin will do well.

  35. nope. I didnt make the playoffs. That sucks. haha

  36. You never know your kicker could get 30 FGs tomorrow?? Hahah.

  37. Shoot, none of us made the playoffs. I had the 4th most points, but bad luck. This is the first yahoo league that I have not made the playoffs in since I started in yahoo leagues. Son of a gun! haha