December 19, 2010

Broncos-Stupid Faiders Post Game

That young man to the left was Denver's only highlight of the game as he brought more passion and fire to one game than Orton has in his past 3-4 games. I can't even remember the last time Orton looked good on the field. And the only reason Tebow started & played the whole game was because Orton had injured ribs - injured enough he couldn't throw well all week (throw well all week, eh... more like since the the start of our 2nd half to the season). Orton is no longer on my good side.

Just lettin' you all know, this will be short and sweet as I am too pissed to say much at all. You're lucky I'm writing this much.

Tebow - straight A all the way. His playcallers are what made him look bad and telling him to hand the ball off was just nuts, especially when they KNOW we have no run game without Moreno. Tebow was on fire 100% in the first half. Keeping this so-called team in tact and in the game as Oakland was able to keep up with us. He made his fair share of mistakes. Keep in mind he hasn't played this much football since last fall and I'd much rather have make big mistakes like (holding on the ball when he needs to throw it & stop listening to Orton's "advice") at a time like this when we kicked ourselves out of playoff contention yet again and have him be closer to perfection for us next season (so long as we still have one). I'd take Tebow over Orton any day.

The playcalling for offense was so bad, I can't even think of a word to call it that would do it justice. Terrible, atrocious, mind-boggling, confusing, stupid, dumb, more stupid, lame, inexcusable, ridiculous and unbelievably stupid. Did I mention stupid at all?? Tebow proved himself today with a 40 yard touchdown run and then one hell of a throw to Brandon Lloyd for an amazing touchdown. For me, the fun stopped there.

Run game - F, doesn't get anymore lame than it was today.

Passing game - IDK, as our playcallers seems to have forgotten we have very, very talented recievers capable of CATCHING THE FLIPPIN' BALL!!!! Lloyd, was awesome as usual - kudos to his effort.

Oline - D, they got manhandled by the Faiders. Made me sick.

Defense - D-, also got manhandled by the Faiders as they suddenly became a doormat for them to score points.

Special Teams - F, good grief - HOLD ONTO THE BALL!!! ST got a smackdown today.

Playcalling - the biggest boldest red F the world has ever seen. F I'd make it fill your entire computer screen but it won't let me???

The first half was like watching a whole different game than when the 2nd half came to light. Denver completely flipped their lid. Went from actually doing something productive for once to saying "hell with it". Haven't been this mad in a long time. Tebow can only do so much. He's only one man. And while as QB it is his obligation & responsibility to carry this team, I felt he did as much of that as he could, he can't go out there with our D. They are on their own when their on the field and he's off. In a way though, this loss doesn't surprise me too much as we have a coaching staff that has no clue what they are doing. At this point, I'd rather see this team be coached by a bunch of monkeys. What would be the difference???

I love this team, always have, always will. They are my hometown team. But as far as regarding our "coaching staff" - time to clean house. No more just dusting off certain spots - I'm talking a good house cleaning. I think we'll get a major piece of that when (hopefully rumors prove to be true) and Elway comes back home. His influence, presence and knowledge will serve this team VERY well and far better than we have been for years.

Xanders has got to go, obviously we need a new HC, OC, DC, among other things - and with that new transition will come a new system that will be (smartly) built around Tebow as our future & someone who can actually manage this team as as player. The second we drafted Tebow, he was already more respected than Orton just based on his college accomplishments. Orton had my support but even I knew that would be short lived. Get rid of Orton & Quinn and find more reliable back ups for Tebow, ASAP.

I would never wish an injury on anyone, I'm not like that but for the love of my sanity and whatever good is still left in this team, I hope Orton stays far away from the practice field. Stay faaaaaaaaar, faaaaaaaar awaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

I'm outta here before I literally write a book. Good riddens!!!!!


  1. Man, he's got guns in that picture!!! Whew!! Just now took the time to notice it. haha

  2. Haha Princess pissed! haha nice write up. Love the guns. I agree on most points, the main thing I disagree on his the cleaning house. Only on minor points, I want to keep Xanders, but bring in a really good personnel evaluator like Eric DeCosta. X-man does a good job managing the roster and contracts. DeCosta can find us good players. And I say kept Wink but move him back to LB coach (see what he did with Doom).

    As for the rest ask McD for a lift haha.

    And would love me some Elway in the building.

    As for the game I thought Tebow did well with a constricted game plan. Moreno also needs to get healthy.

    Oh and thanks for the write up.

  3. Nice Ashley. About time somebody else was as upset as me. Most just said well at least Tebow looked alright and we still got our #3 draft pick. Pissed me off bad we lost. I had gotten my hopes up too high again. I don't care how Tebow did as long as we win. I agree he's just one man, but his enthusium for the game is contagious and I figure he could will us to victory. You can't do that when your own coaches play to lose. I know the game was over here, but why punt down by 16 with 4 minutes left? What the hell go for it. Man, I hate it how far we've sunk and it's all about coaching. We need to hit the jackpot on the next one or we're gonna suck for a while.

  4. 98-37 in two Raider games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    "Sunday's loss to the Raiders reinforced the Broncos' need for defensive help. There's really no reason to take an offensive player this year, with quarterback Tim Tebow, receiver Demaryius Thomas and running back Knowshon Moreno all being recent picks. Having numerous offensive weapons doesn't help the defense if the defense lacks playmakers. The Broncos need serious help on the defensive line.
    The Broncos organization better not whiff on this selection. . . ."

  6. Yeah Digger the punt call was weird?? Tebow was good, which is good for the team as we now have some hope for the future.

    Yes we do need a good coach I still am wondering who that will be. And D sucked against the Raiders, our D lacks some serious speed.

    And I would not mind having the no 1 pick. Because there would be so many teams wanting to trade for the chance to trade Luck.

    And Yes all D in the draft!!

  7. Glad we're on the same page Digger, just wish it was on better terms. I hate being so mad at this team because they stink so badly. We do need to go defense in the draft but I also think we need to get at least 1 better RB. I like Moreno, when he's healthy he's hard to bring down but this season he was unhealthy more often than not. Lance Ball has no shot at staying on this team and Bucky isn't exactly my bright idea of a solid RB. We need Moreno to stay healthy but we also need better back ups for him too. When he's down as he was yesterday, we clearly need more reliable RBs. But I agree other than that to go all D in the draft. Its only gotten worse.

    As for Xanders, he for sure needs to be taken out of the GM spot. I don't like him running the entire front office. Wouldn't be so bad if he was off the side doing something else but we need someone else as our GM. Winky hasn't done much of anything at all to make me believe he should stay as our DC let alone on the our team at all. Maybe he would be better off being an assistant or something on defense, but not being totally in charge?? Our defense yesterday was just flat appalling to watch. We were no matchup for Oakland's offense... tasted like vinegar saying that. bleh! Our defense lacks more than just speed... its that plus everything else that makes a defense effective.

    Right now all I can think about & be worried about is we need a smart-*** coach. PERIOD!!! Someone who won't screw this whole organization over. Bowlen got blindsided by McDon't-Ever-Come-Back-To-Colorado-If-You-Don't-Want-To-Face-The-Wrath-Of-Hurricane-Ashley. I'll drop kick his you know what off planet earth!!!!! We need a coach that will be smart on all levels for this team. Things will take place once we get the HC issue resolved correctly.

  8. I read this somewhere. We need a head coach that coaches coaches and players. Someone that lets his coordinates call plays.

    I said I like X-man to the side like you said, as the salary/roster dude. But someone like DeCosta as player evaluator. I only like Wink as a LB coach.

    A quick change of pace back is needed I do agree and a bucket load of defense.

  9. You are one fiesty girl. Love tha passion hurricane Ashley. Our DC has to be someone used to calling defenses(preferably someone who did it as a player) and doesn't have a problem audibling out of something. Someone who is on the same page with our defensive leader. Oh yeah, we don't have one.

  10. I vote Nolan or Phillips for DC.