December 30, 2010

Broncos vs. Chargers Preview

There just might be hope for Denver to win this final game after a stellar performance by the rookie QB Tim Tebow. He's proving his critics wrong everytime he gets the ball. He's a natural, he adjusts quickly. I could go on and on about this kid, you know it. lol I am much more confident in this team as long as Tebow is in charge. I backed up Orton for as long as I could and that ship has sailed. Tebow time began the second we won that game against Houston and its only going to get better.

Not up for making this a big preview like I have been doing so it will be a short one.

Basically, Rivers will be getting buried... Tebow will have another great game... He'll get more opportunities to throw the ball as he can clearly do so... I think our defense will step up in this last game for Denver, hopefully Champ will get to play (he's a game-time decision).... This could be Champ's last game as a Bronco if he does get to play as he'll become an official unrestricted FA once the game is over; I think his contract talks will depend on whether or not the NFL even has a season next year as talks between the NFL & NFLPA need to be settled... I cannot imagine a 2011 season not happening, I can't fathom that thought so I've come to the conclusion both sides will get something worked out.

I think Tebow & Co., will come together and end this season on a positive note for once and we definitely have something to look forward to with our new QB at the helm. Broncos fight for the win and get it, 28-20.

Trivia Time!!

1) What former Louisville star started 177 games at linebacker for the Broncos from 1973-1986?

2) How did Denver receive the team name 'Broncos' in 1960?

3) What rookie head coach led the Broncos to their very first Super Bowl appearance?

4) In Denver's first SB appearance season, the "Barrel Man" surfaced and became an icon to the team as he would show up to games wearing nothing but an orange aluminum barrel with the Broncos logo, a pair of boots and a cowboy hat for the next 30 years (started in 1977). What was his real name?

5) In the early 80's, the Broncos became the first team in NFL history to play what famous song at their games?

GO BRONCOS!!!! And here's to a much, much better & Tebow-filled 2011 season!!

Happy New Years to all my fellow Broncomaniacs!!


  1. Trivia. Yeah!
    1. Tommy
    2. Umm... from the Rodeo thingy held in Denver every year. Used to love going to that when I was a kid.
    3. Red Miller
    4. "Charge"

    We know one thing, next year can't get much worse than what we've been going through since our infamous 3 game slide and SD's 3 game win streak to knock us out of the playoffs when we seemed to be a lock. IMO, it would be huge to get the win this week just to right the ship and feel like things are going back in the right direction. After last week it kind of feels like it is already because of the "magical" comeback behind our new leader we have desparately been seeking. Now if we can only get something similar on the defensive side of the ball.

  2. haha, you never took a guess on #5. Give it a whirl why don't ya? lol

    On #4, what do you mean by "Charge"?

    But I will say you did get 2 out of the 4 you guessed right.

    And yes, we definitely need to get something going on defense, similar to what we have just started with Tebow on offense. Dawkins is that kind of inspirational leader on D but he is getting up there in age and closer to retiring. We need a strong DC to hold the defense together. Definitely need to win this last game just for the moral of the team. With Tebow, we have a real shot at it.

  3. Oh didn't see 4. Charge was meant for 5. DaDaDa Charge.

    4. Something like Tim Robbins I think.

  4. lol... DaDaDa Charge is a good guess but not correct.

    C'mon you chickens... give me some more guesses!! This is sad only one person is taking aim at these painfully easy questions. Ohhhh, Aussie... where are you??? lol Probably on ANOTHER vacation. Good grief man.

    Ok I'll tell you which ones you got right.

    #1 is THE Tommy... Tom Jackson

    #3 is Red Miller

    As for the rest,
    #2 - you're close but Denver didn't get their nickname from a Rodeo thingy. At least I think we're not talking about the same thing. lol

    #4 - you got his first name right. Tim ??????

    #5 - guess again my friend.

    Oh and Happy New Year to you too Digger. Hope you had a good one.

  5. I did. Stayed home with grandkids and movies. Scorcerer's Aprentice was good. Quitting smoking again. It sucks.

    I will take another stb at a couple of them again. Will not re-guess on the barrelman's name as I would have to look it up. Tim something though. At least I got the first name right.
    #2-Fans submitted names and that's the one that got picked?
    #5-National Anthem?

  6. Alright, here are the answers.

    #1 - Tom Jackson

    #2 - a fan contest (so got that one right too)

    #3 - Red Miller

    #4 - Tim McKernan

    #5 - "Rock 'n Roll" Part 2 was the song. Also known as the "Hey Song".

    Glad to hear you had a good new year's. I don't want to pry too much but keep at the quit smoking thing... I have close friend who's trying to quit. I know its hard, but you'll be glad you did. At least do it for your grandkids.