December 27, 2010

Broncos vs. Texans Post Game

Tim Tebow has finally led this very struggling team to his first NFL victory and the Broncos' first win since the start of our 2nd half to the season against KC. He had one heck of a game completing 16 of his 29 passes for 308 yards a rushing touchdown and his first NFL INT. But at least his interception isn't the one that cost US the game like in the ending moments where rookie Squid Thompson wrapped up the game for Denver intercepting Matt Schaub.

The first half was a bunch of usual crap as Denver was completely shut down and went into halftime down 17-0. And the coaching once again began the game by holding back Tebow on passing yards. They finally got smart and let the beast loose and they got slapped in the face with what happens when you let this kid be the game manager he has always been in football... a win. While this win at this point in the season means nothing, it does show what beholds our future. Tebow is it. End of story. You let him do his thing, be the leader he has always been and don't hold him back, this team will become a sight the NFL hasn't seen from us since Elway ran the show.

Yeah, yeah, back a few blurry years ago we all fell for the Cutler act. Comparing him to Elway, we all got blindsided. This time it is for sure a different, much more inspiring story. Tebow IS a game manager, a contagious leader on AND off the field and something overall, this team has been missing out on for years. I'll be blunt, I'm scared to death we hire a new HC that could possibly want to get rid of Tebow but he's proven himself so much in his first 2 games (1 win & 1 loss) that he is what this organization needs running the show. I think this time around Bowlen will be conscious of his new HC decision and will not be so quick to decide our new coach. I thought he hired McD way too fast and it backfired big time.

We need to get a highly specialized staff that will build a new refreshing team around Tebow. Let him lead this team. He wants to and he was born to lead. Holding him back will only implode this team & organization. He can throw the ball if you let him, he'll run the ball when needed. He's everything an avid fan could want in a QB. He's the Elvis Presley of football. Let him rock 'n roll!!! haha

I'm not getting ahead of myself here, just excited to see what he brings for the future of this team. When given control and when the staff puts confidence in him, he's a beast that cannot be contained no matter how hard opposing teams try. We are gonna blow up this league when we get a solid team backing up this kid. Get ready!!! I can hardly wait for a full season of the Tim Tebow Show.

Are you ready to rock 'n roll?? hmmm.....


  1. On Tebow. Found way to win and bring some Mile High Magic back. Gotta love that. Not really liking the dividedness of fans he brings though. People either love him or hate him. Not much in between. He converted more yesterday though.I was not a fan cause I hate Florida and to tell you the truth didn't know a whole lot about him. Knew he was a good guy but didn't want the Broncos to draft him. When we did I dealt with it. Now I love his attitude and desire. Do I think he will ever be a great QB? No. Do I think he will be a great football player who happens to play QB? Yes. He will win a lot of games for us. Not the traditional way. He will do it his way. One way or the other it WILL happen, because he will will it to happen.

    That is unless the new coaching staff blows everything up like the last guy did. We just need defense..... AGAIN! Or still, however you want to say it. I'm tired of throwing out names and at least one person doesn't like that guy so I'm just going to say I want someone(not necessarily as the HC as long as the DC has all the power to mold the D his way) who will get to help with the drafting of players who will fit. I would like it if we continue to try to get the 3-4 right. Ever since we started this 3 years ago, it has been a struggle, I know. IMO the main trouble spots have been fast speedy guys getting around the edge and TEs open down the middle. Whoever we get needs to fix that. I like Wade Phillips. He knows how to make the 3-4 work well with guys similar to what we have. Some say blow it up and start over. I have agreed to a point on this. Someone, who is a constant in making us look bad on D, has got to be the problem. I think it's DJ. He's good and could be worth trading for a draft pick or a player. Either that or he needs to be used right(We've tried him everywhere already)so this D can work. IMO we just need a few tweaks to get to be a top ten D. I like Vickerson and Bannon, but we need a star at DE. Someone that changes games. Vick did with his INT the other game, but I'm talking sacks. Not just pressure, sacks. Someone with a high motor and desire. Especially when the game is on the line. A Tebow on the defense.

    Here's a mock draft. I know it's early. We don't even know who's going to be HC, who's going to declare and who's actually going to hit the open market as FAs. Tell me what you think.

    Trade Orton to Tenn. for #77.
    #3- Trade to NE(They want Peterson or Green) for Oakland's pick(#18?), their 1st or Carolina's 2nd round pick(Depends which one they need to use to make the deal work.) and Patrick Chung(They are stacked at Safety, including the stealing of Josh Barrett.)
    #18ish(Oak's)-Brandon Harris CB 5-11 195 Miami(Fla.) 4.41 I like him better than Peterson or Amukamara.
    #32ish(NE's)-JJ Watt DE 6-6 290 Wisconsin A stud with a non-stop motor.
    #35-Greg Jones ILB 6-1 240 Mich. St. Mays is good but with his hits he will always be injured.
    #49ish(Mia's)-Marcus Cannon OT 6-5 350 TCU Huge but light on his feet.
    #67-Jerrell Powe NT 6-2 320 Mississippi or Jarvis Jenkins NT 6-4 315 Clemson
    #77ish(Tenn's)-Casey Matthews ILB 6-1 238 Oregon
    7th round-Fred Munzenmaier FB 6-2 240 Georgia 4.65

    We would be getting a TE and another top RB in FA or trade of DJ.

  2. DJ to NO for Shockey works for me.

  3. Heys back from my Holiday for a little while before I go away again.

    But Broncos seem to be rocking right now, Lloyd to pro bowl, Elway coming in.

    Like the ideas too Digger. But need more DEFENSE haha.

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