December 13, 2010

Broncos Vs Cardinals - Post Game

Well everyone another lose to go with the other 9 so far this season. And we now have a record of 3-10, the only good thing is we are now looking at the 3rd overall pick in the draft. I sort of expected this lose (I hoped we didn’t) because we have a trend of losing four games in a row. So would not surprise me if we beat Oakland haha. But if you have been hiding under a rock (as most Broncos fans are at the moment) you would have missed the Cardinals, led by a rookie QB, put 43 points on our Broncos. The final score being 43-13, at least we got a TD. Lets review the good and the very bad from the game.

I will admit I didn’t watch the game, I saw the highlights (low-lights) from the game and have read a number of comments from others about the game.

Orton – Was flat out terrible, three picks! Come on guy. That and he fumbled the ball away. Orton was terrible, rookie Skelton playing for the Cards had better stats then Orton. I am still unsure of why we continued to play Orton in this game, unless the coach is punishing him hoping to hurt him (bruised ribs??) Anyway if Orton continues to play the Broncos will continue to lose.

Lloyd – Looked disinterest and can’t handle being covered by a good corner or double teamed. He will struggle in the coming weeks as teams have game planned for him.

Gaffney – The same as Lloyd, Gaff is disinterested and doesn’t look happy. Probably because he isn’t getting enough ball and his best mate (McD) is gone.

Decker – Though he fumbled, had real good energy and provided a spark on this team. He looked great on the kick returns making some real nice gains. I think he needs to get involved more in the offense and what better way to get him more involved then using the QB that loved throwing to him in the preseason.

Moreno and  Ball – Had really good games, Moreno has started to show up in the last few games and is on pace for 1000 yards on the ground. That is if they keep giving him the ball and not giving it to Orton who is struggling. Ball also did a nice job with the limited carries he got. Ball I think is really happy Studs is the coach.

DefenseThe defense played really well. If you don’t believe me let me put it this way, imagine all the field goals the Cards kicked were TDs, what would the score have been. The defense did a good job holding the Cards to three points and really tired hard. Though they got no help from the offense who turned the ball over 6 times and could not stay on the field. They finally cracked in the 4th and let in 17 points (there was also a pick 6).

There was a problem with the pass rush for the Broncos thought, as it was none existent. Skelton who is a big stationary target was not sacked at all in this game. I thought Ayers and DJ played well as did Haggan.

I also thought our DBs played well. I really like Bruton he is coming along well, if only he and McBath could stay healthy. Squid also had a real nice game expect for the penalty. Champ is still champ and made some nice plays as did Goodman.

The biggest problem I see was that there was no Tebow, who is desperate to play. He wants to play this year, he said it would be a missed opportunity if he didn’t get to play this year. Studs also said today that Orton will start against the Raiders but will evaluate that as time goes by leaving the door open for Tebow. Tebow may get the start against Houston or the Chargers if Orton flops in Oakland.

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. I thought I'd never say this, but it's time to put in Tim Tebow and see if he has what it takes to lead and inspire a heartless team.

  2. Exactly, let Tebow breath some love into this dying horse.

  3. Im considering not watching the game if Tebow doesnt play, which Studesville said he probly wont. I probly will watch the game tho just cause its against the Raiders and my good friend is a big raider fan and we have a little bet going and were watching it together. Hopefully we wont get embarrassed by them again. I think Tebow can bring the life back to the Broncos just with his presence on the field. I really wanna see him.

  4. Yeah 80#, I think we can upset the Raiders. But we really need Tebow, he has the X-factor that Orton doesn't. I will try to watch this game but may be working and that game will be played on my birthday so I hope the Broncos can get me a win, or some Tebow would be nice.