August 20, 2011

Broncos Vs Bill - Post Game Review

Hey everyone, I enjoyed the game, managed to catch most of it. Here are the notes that I took down from the game and the things I saw.

Beadles got dominated by Kyle Williams a few times.

There were a lot of screen plays with the first team offense.

By the way Lloyd is awesome.

Moreno is good and made a lot of good runs.

Orton was solid, made a number of good passes.

McGahee was a great buy, solid runner.

Blitzing looks good, Love DJ on the weakside.

Was great to see Miller trying to jump the snap, that shows confidence.

Did I mention I am loving our new Defense.

Doom and Miller are so fast off the edge, Miller especially.

Doom looks good against the run, shows he has improved in that area.

Moore is lighting people up! was a penalty but awesome. Here it is for review, click here. I thought it looked OK, he lead with the shoulder, Jones smacked his head hard on the ground, that is where I think the injury occurred. Moore I think was ejected. If Jones hadn't gotten hurt I think Moore gets a pass and play results in only a penalty.

DJ Williams made an intercept, was nice, did I say I love him at WLB?

Quinn did come in as the number 2 quarterback. Quinn did get to run a few players with the first team offensive players. Quinn's intercept wasn't entirely his fault but it was a bad ball. Most of Quinn's passes where out of reach, behind the player or in a difficult positions to catch. The last two passes Quinn did throw were perfect. The one to Decker was a great ball and then there was the touchdown pass to Davis, both very nice passes.

Don't believe what people say, Spencer Larsen can block. I saw him lay out more than his fair share of LBs.

Bunkley looked really good, I like him a lot.

Didn't see much from Irving today but he didn't play to much, had one good tackle.

Squid looked really good. I liked his play a lot.

What is this talk about us being a running team? All lies, how many passing yards did we have?

Cox = Fail haha, he had a few good returns but he struggled in coverage. Had that one good bat down at the end of the game.

The question I want to know is was Tebow set up to fail? Or what is the plan for him. I am unsure what our vision for Tebow is now. Though he should get lots of game time next week as the starters take a rest.

And we did see a bit of Weber late in the game.

What about kickoffs, so borrriinnngg! Not a single return all game. How long will it be before kickoffs are removed all together.

That is all I got from the game, did you guys see anything else or have a different opinion? hit us up in the comments. ~ Aussie.


  1. While re-watching some of the highlights from the game, DJs intercept (tipped by Mays) was all set up by Ayers who beat the left tackle and would have made the sack. But he made the QB throw it away, nice play by Ayers.

  2. And the hits just keep on coming... Bruton has a concussion & I have some REALLY sad news to tell you.

    Got an email from Dave, ya know the guy who was with us for awhile but decided to leave this site? I guess his dad has been pretty sick for the past few years and yesterday (Sunday), he passed away. He was suffering quite a bit from all sorts of things he had going on and the only bright side is he won't have to suffer anymore. Just thought I'd let you know - he may not have gotten along with some of us on here but he's had a lot of pain & heartache since we started this blog and I've definitely been where he is right now having lost a parent - but he's got the double whammy, he's lost them both. So if anyone wants to relay any comments to him, I'd be happy to do so. I've stayed in contact with him through email.

  3. Yeah Bruton put his head in the wrong place and got knocked out.

    And I do remember good old Dave, most of the people I believe he had issue with are now gone. But that indeed is sad news, just let him know our thoughts and prays are with him.