September 8, 2010

2010 Denver Bronco Team Captains

The 2010 captains were announced today - Lucky #7! lol Quite a few repeat captains from last season, which is fine cause we need all the help we can get.

Kyle Orton, Chris Kuper & Daniel Graham were announced as our offensive captains. Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and D.J. Williams were voted as our defensive captains along with Wesley Woodyard for special teams. All of them deserve to be our captains for this season. Good to see Orton getting respect from his teammates like this. Go get 'em boys!

4 more days and it will be all Broncos, all the time!!!


  1. Good to see Moreno practice today. I think he should be good to go Sunday. And i like the captains, very good and deserving choices. So pumped for Sunday!! And good job Aussie on the Broncos Preview..very good.

  2. I liked this:

  3. That's a great article on Tebow... thanks for posting that link 80.

    And I agree with you about Moreno too. I think he's ready for Sunday, plus we need him! If not Moreno, its Larsen who we have for a running game on Sunday. How is Bucky's condition?? Haven't heard anything lately on his injury. I would think he's close to being healthy enough to play since he went out at the same time Moreno did. Oh heck, I don't care who runs the ball... put Tebow in to run the ball for awhile. LOL Just have a running game come Sunday.

  4. That is a good article on Tebow 80#, and thanks for the kind words, I thought it was a good article.

    Princess the way I read it Moreno is good to go, but just needs to get over the mental hurdle to be ready. Bucky I think is right to go, so time against the Vikings but did not run.

    As for Tebow running the ball, there is a sold out crowd, so if we are in front by a bit McD might send him out there for a play.

  5. Oh and yeah no surprises for the Captains, all guys I would expect to be there.

  6. Also question for Princess, are you still going to do a preview before every game?

    And you still doing an article on Doom?

    Also how is life, did you get a job?