September 27, 2010

Broncos Vs Colts - Post Game Recap

The Broncos took on the Colts today in Denver. The Broncos had a moment silence before the start of the game in memory of Kenny McKinley who we lost tragical this week. The Broncos also gave new HOF inductee Floyd Little his ring today at half time. This was a really good game that I thought the Broncos could win. I really felt that the Broncos could upset the Colts and it wasn't till the Colts scored their last TD that I felt Broncos would not win. But there was some really good things to take away from this game.

123 4OT Final

Was late and tired so copied some of this analysis from other sources, but is pretty much what I wanted to say.

Kyle Orton
Orton had a great game, he finished by going 37 of 57 for 476 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Now, not all was good with Orton. He threw an ugly pick where he stared at Gaffney the whole time. Also, his red zone efficiency is bad. His throw to Thomas on 3rd and 1 at the goal line was atrocious. He totally overthrew him. His throw to Brandon Lloyd on 4th and 3 was terrible. You can't have a miscommunication with your receiver when the game is on the line. Lastly, some of his throws were poor decisions. On one 3rd and 10 play, Orton threw to a RB who was being heavily guarded at the line of scrimmage. Nevertheless, Orton is still the man in Denver. On the year, Orton has thrown 83 of 125. That is a 66% completion rate. He has thrown for 1,078 yards and 4 TD's. He is on pace for a 5500+ year.

Two receivers had a big game thanks to Orton's hot form. Brandon Lloyd grabbed 6 passes for a team high 169 yards and 1 TD. He now leads the team in yards with 339 yards. He is arguably Kyle Orton's favorite target. He is 6 yards away from the amount Eddie Royal had all last year. He is almost half way to the amount of yards Gaffney had in 09.The other receiver that had a big game was Jabar Gaffney. Jabar caught 12 passes for 140 yards on Sunday. He now is second with 189 yards and tied for 1st with 17 receptions. The Broncos spread the ball well.

O-line Protection:
The Broncos O-line protection today was really good. They managed to shut down Freeney and Mathis and gave Orton a real nice pocket. The only sack they did allow was on a play where Orton had forever to get rid of the ball but didn't, that sack is on Orton not the O-line. Now they just need to be able to block on the run to open up those lanes for the RBs.

Run game:
The run game wasn't great today, I really thought there were some gaps for the Broncos to run. But the Colts are a fast D and shut down Maroney quickly. This area needs to improve so we can be a more balance team. We can't have Orton throwing almost 60 passes a game. We may have good receivers but we need the threat of the run to help the pass.

Run defense:
Well, after 3 weeks, the Broncos rank 10th against the run. Opponents are gaining an average of 94.3 rushing yards per game. Opponents are also averaging less then 4 yards a carry. Our run D is top 10 while our pass D is bottom 10. Our run D held the Colts to just 40 yards. This was a really good game by the front three, Williams, Bannan, Thomas and Vickerson really managed to seal up the lanes today and that forced them to pass on us.

TE coverage:
Our TE coverage today on Dallas Clark was great, he didn't do much today and when he did he got hit hard. Haggan and McBath worked well to shut him down. Also what about our TEs? It isn't a big concern with our receivers but we need to see more catches from these guys. And Daniel Graham you have to catch the ball not drop it.

Cox and Bailey:
I actual thought Cox had a good game. When you think he is a rookie playing against Peyton Manning. Cox made a number of good plays knocking away balls. But the two mistakes that Cox did make lead to touchdowns. Also the fumbled punt wasn't good, but Royal looked sharp in kick returns.

Was, well terrible, you get all the way down there you need to score. There was possibly two or three touchdowns left on the field today and that could have made a big difference. I think we really miss LenDale White in those situations. We really need to score more points to beat good teams like the Colts.

Looking ahead:
Next week the Broncos take on the Titans in Tennessee. And our run D will need to be top notch to stop Chris Johnson. Will be an interesting game and I think the Broncos really could get a win there.

Former Broncos:
Did you see some of the former Broncos running around? Torain had 7 carries for 46 yards. The other was Hillis who had 22 carries for 144 yards and a TD. Hillis looks huge and runs the ball hard, we are missing him now.


  1. Pretty much summed it up right. We really need to get a running game going, its ridiculous we can't run the ball. I love that Orton can hold his own and only have 1 INT in 57 passing attempts but if we have to keep that up cuz our running game sucks, teams will figure it out if they haven't already. We have to throw the ball cuz we can't run it. Orton's arm is going to be as tired as our defense. Next 2 game will be critical. And the red zone issue is coming back, again. Irritates me to no end when we do so well on a drive... take it all the way to the red zone and for what?? 3 pts at best or nothing. Makes me want to scream. I love that we took a chance on 4th down & goal... but we should've came out of that with a TD. All I can say is if you're gonna go for it on 4th & goal, you better have a sure-fire plan to make sure you get a touchdown out of it.

    I see we got some good news though. Thomas' injury isn't serious & Moreno's hammy injury isn't as bad as they thought. We are going to need all the weapons we can get for at least the next 2 games. Not getting why Tebow was "demoted" to 3rd string. They say it was based on last week's practice but I'd pick him as the backup any day over Quinn. Weird stuff going on.

  2. Our O-line is a brick wall. Excellent when pass blocking, but horrible while trying to move when run blocking, hence the name brick wall. Its better to have more eno then More oney because Eno can hit the hole and Oney can't. Before the season Oney said he would be more of a down-hill runner. Didn't see that from him yesterday. Enough of my gay jokes, I thought Cox had a good game. I think we should've put him in man coverage against Collie all day instead of having Nate Jones cover Collie. With the way our defense is playing we should easily keep Chris Johnson under 100 yards rushing. I think we get the easy win at Tennesee 27-17

  3. Yeah I think we can beat the Titans.

    It is good news that Thomas and Moreno are not to injured, that is good news as we will need them against the Titans.

    And Maroney tried to go outside to much. Both him and Moreno need to step up their game.

  4. Nice post game Aussie. Kudos. Bailey was a stud. Shut down Wayne from ther start. The one catch in the first half was a great pass by Manning. Manning had no choice but to pick on Cox. Cox held his own for the most part and I'm impressed with him. The D in genweral did a good job yesterday and left me pleased with the way we played other than the fact we lost again. At least SD and Oak lost too. We can still catch KC. They're not worthy of 3-0. Tenn is tougher than Jax and we don't travel East well. We struggle with fast RBs. They are going to be tough to beat. Then back East to face Balt. It would be great to win them both, but in reality we may lose them both. Then the redhot Jets. We could be 1-5 before even playing a division game. I hope not. If we do though, I'm alright with it. We have tons of promise ahead of us.
    About the ex-Broncos. Phonzy had a pick, Scheff had a TD and Marshall and Hillis had great games. Cutler will do good tonight too I think. Other than Hillis I'm OK with all of them gone. Bay is better than Marshall IMO.
    I like the gay jokes. It was a good play on the names. Brick wall, lol. You can't expect them to be able to block on the run, but they can stand there and block as good as anybody.

  5. If arian foster can tear up the colts D like he did, then I think maroney could have done better, I mean 2 YPG is pretty weak. We need knowshon back bad!!!

  6. I think the Colts D did play much better then before. And our O-line sucks at going forward at the moment. Need to create some holes.

    As for 1-5, that would suck Digger, but if we finished 8-8, who cares really how we start. But if we are 1-5 does McD go Tebow?

    And yeah Hillis looked real good for the Browns, he is one player I think we should have kept.

    And the Brick wall name is pretty much exactly what these guys are.