September 6, 2010

Broncos Still Making Moves

The Broncos continued to make more moves today, releasing and adding a few players and getting started on the practice squad. So lets get into it and the moves.

The Broncos claimed two players off waivers today, they were a Running-Back Andre Brown and an Offensive Lineman Chris Clark.

Brown (6-foot-0, 224 pounds) is a second-year running back who was selected by the Giants in the fourth round (129th overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft from North Carolina State University. He spent his rookie year on the Giants’ reserve/injured list before leading the club in rushing yards (21-95, 4.5 avg., 1 TD) and kickoff return yards (7-120, 17.1 avg.) in his first action as a pro during the 2010 preseason.

Clark (6-foot-5, 315 pounds) is a first-year offensive lineman who spent the last two seasons on the Vikings’ practice squad after entering the NFL with Tampa Bay in 2008 as a college free agent from the University of Southern Mississippi.

They found a tailback in Brown, whose inability to stay healthy led to the Giants cutting him. Brown has talent, he was a fourth-round draft pick out of North Carolina State in 2009 and had gained 95 yards on 21 carries this preseason until he suffered a bad case of turf toe. Brown missed all of last season after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon during a preseason practice. The toe injury is expected to sideline him through the Broncos' opener Sunday in Jacksonville.

The 6-5, 315-pound Clark spent the past two seasons on the Vikings' practice squad. He becomes the 10th offensive lineman on the Broncos' 53-man roster, so don't be surprised if more moves are made this week.

The two players that were cut to make room for these players was RB Bruce Hall and OLB Baraka Atkins. They were on the 53 man roster and then were cut to make room for the others, so a little cruel. Hall could possibly be added to the practice squad which now has 5 players on it.

Practice Squad:
Five players who cleared waivers Sunday were brought back to the Broncos' practice squad. They include rookies Riar Geer, LB Kevin Alexander and safety Kyle McCarthy. Also added were receiver Britt Davis and linebacker Worrell Williams. Hall most likely would make six, and the Broncos can add two more after that for a total of 8.

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  1. A litle cruel is right. The relief of making the team only to be cut cut for some nobobody who has not put in the sweat you have toward the team. If I was Hall or Atkins I would be hoping I don't get put on the PS. My guess is Kirlew and Baker will join Hall to the PS.
    I'm not real fond of many of the decisions made, but yeah, we don't have a choice in the matter so.... First thing about the cuts is(and it may be because I don't know the whole of the situation), why cut Reid. I think he could've been kept on PUP or IR. Why make cuts that leave you totally exposed with no backup for Harris(who was injured Thurs.)? If you know you have to hit the waiver wire for another RB and a backup RT, why not just cut down to 51 right away so yoyu don't get the hopes up for Hall and Atkins(maybe they were told they would be going to PS)? Last, all the wasted money. I understand it and agree with it, but in today's crunch just a little surprised by it. Willis outplayed Stokley and we're out the signing bonus for Stokes. He has said he and his family will stay in Denver. Maybe he could mentor(aka RSmith). Green was a mistake. A costly one. LK Smith is bigger and younger though. Phonzy, bigger mistake. Admire how McD could let him go. We are very fortunate to have found 3 very good CBs this year that IMO all outplayed A.Smith. He may become a good player someday, but for now plays way to timid.
    All in all I'm OK with final roster, but feel, unless we can get healthy and stay healthy, we may be looking at 8-8 at best again this year. Our backups are lacking in crucial areas. Yes princess, one of those areas is QB. Tebow and Quinn are not ready if Orton goes down. Our projected starting lineup looks good enough to compete well into the playoffs, but some may not even be ready to start week 1.
    Aussie-Love the Rotoworld thing. Please don't take it off. Did you see it says Clark is not all that good? Haven't heard if Harris is alright yet. Big trouble if he's not. Also, I hate hamstring injuries(Moreno). Buck may have huge role vs. Jax. Glad I put him as a keeper in FF.

  2. The Reid cut was all about money, if he is put on the PUP list then we owe him 1.7 million-ish dollars.

    And yeah Digger the Rotoworld thing is cool.

    And I hope depth is not an issue but it could be.

    Also I would not mind if Tebow starts if Orton when down. Won't be playoffs but at least he will be learning. I don't think Tebow would get messed up like Quinn did in Cleveland if he starts right away, we have a line at least.

  3. Number updates:

    Kevin Alexander: No. 58
    Andre Brown: No. 26
    Chris Clark: No. 75
    Dan Gronkowski: No. 82
    Joe Mays: No. 51
    Syd’Quan Thompson: No. 22
    Worrell Williams: No. 54

  4. The Denver Broncos on Monday signed offensive lineman Jeff Byers, defensive lineman Lionel Dotson and running back Bruce Hall to their practice squad, it was announced.