September 13, 2010

Broncos Vs Jaguars - Post Game Recap

Hey guys and gals, I didn't get to watch the game as it started at 3:00 am this morning for me, but I have been going over what I did see in highlights and taking a look at the stats. Also reading over people's observations and what they thought. So here is my recap of the game and notes that I saw.

1 2 3 4 OT Final
Den 0 7 7 3 - 17
Jac 0 7 10 7 - 24

Well the Broncos lost in the first game of this season. Just going down to the Jagurs who were at home. This game was very close and was back and forth the whole game. The Broncos had a chance to tie the game late but could not get the score. This is a game the Broncos could have won and had a number of chances to win but turnovers and penalties would kill drives. There are several things the Broncos can do in the coming weeks to get better and hopefully get a win.

It was interesting to see that Tebow was the number 2 QB today. Just shows how far Brady Quinn has fallen from 1st round pick. Tebow saw a little action, running twice for two yards. Both were running plays straight up the middle.

I think one of the biggest bright spots from this game was the play of Orton and his receivers. Royal, Gaffney and Lloyd all had solid games. Orton had almost 300 yards passing and most of those yards went to these three receivers. I think the future is bright in Denver because of these receivers and the addition of Thomas and Decker, who are yet to see any time with the starters. The intercept late by Orton was a big buzz kill.

The pass rush was none exist this game and there wasn't that aggression we expected to see out of Wink calling plays. But it was good to see Ayers get his first regular season sack this year. One a game will be good for us if Ayers can keep it up. But in general the pass rush needs to improve.

One thing I think the Broncos overlooked going into this game was the play of QB Garrard. Garrard is a pro bowl QB that made us pay today. I think too much focus was put on stopping one player, MJD, that the Broncos over looked Garrard.

I think the TE coverage of the Broncos was dismal, which was always a problem in the preseason. The Broncos couldn't cover the tight ends at all, I am unsure if it was a problem caused by the Safeties or the Linebackers? I did notice that Haggan is very slow in pass coverage. He is good against the run but struggles in pass coverage. The run defense was good. We kept MJD to under a 100 yards. Ayers, Williams and Hunter are really good in run defense.

The Broncos running game I thought was good, when you consider Knowshon Moreno had not played all preseason. He had some good moves and made some good runs. But he needs support from the other running backs. The fumble and turnover by Bucky was a real drive killer since it could have resulted in points.

Probably the biggest problem and main concern I saw in this game was the Special Team coverage. We gave up to much field position in the kicking game, whether it was in the punt or kicking game. This will need to be addressed.

There was also way to many penalties in this game. Ryan McBean had a number of penalties on him and the team in a whole had too many penalties. This will need to be addressed for next week.

Well that is it from me, if you saw something else I may have missed hit us up in the comments ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Some things to read:

  2. That recap pretty much covered it all. Had you been able to watch the whole game, we actually didn't play as bad it may sound. Not saying we didn't have mistakes cause believe me we did but it was overall a very good game for us. It was close, just like I thought it would be although my prediction was a bit off. lol Go figure. Since the game ended everyone has been complaining about our special teams, so like you said something needs to improve there. I think it would help us out big time to have Syd'Quan Thompson in there running that ball back for kick & punt returns. And I've read a few comments about we put too much focus on MJD and didn't give enough credit to Garrard. I'm thrilled they held down MJD, he had some "almost" make or break moments but Garrard was overlooked by our D.

    Gotta say I do have a little concern about this team's overall play when you look at how well Seattle did against SF. Pete Carroll knows what he's doing and Seattle could not be stopped yesterday. We can't play them like we did yesterday, that won't fly. I think once Clady is truly 110% again our Oline will be more solid, Beadles needs to ease up on the mistakes. 3 sacks on Orton isn't helping our cause although Clady was at fault for 2 1/2 sacks. The one thing that stuck out to me the most was McBean's 2 30-yard penalties. Completely unacceptable considering they were both face mask penalties. You all know me and that I stand by saying this is a TEAM effort all the way but those 2 penalties cost us a drive and eventually cost us the game. We did tie the game but Lloyd's foot was partially out of bounds when he caught the ball - talk about irritating!! Anyway, great recap. I hope these boys can up their game a few levels if they want any chance at beating the Seahawks. I still got faith in these boys, they just make me nervous. lol

  3. Yeah would like to see Squid returning balls. Would also be good if we got McBath back so he can cover on ST.

    I got to say it was close, we almost tied the game up. I think the stuff that I saw was good, it now just all needs to combine.

    I have no idea what McBean was thinking, maybe that dude just was getting in his face.

    Also Thomas is getting his foot check out maybe he can be a bit of a secret weapon against the Hawks if he is good to go.

  4. lol, I like that nickname Squid for Thompson. Too funny. Bottom line is we need all the help we can get on special teams. I just don't get it, one year our ST & defense is good but offense needs help... then one year our ST & offense is good but defense needs help, now both sides of the ball for us are (for the most part) stable but now our ST needs serious help??? When will we ever get it ALL right?? Weird.

    The game was real close from start to finish. 1st quarter was rather boring though, like watching a tennis match... punt the ball back & forth. Whoop-de-doo! lol From the time the Jags scored the first TD of the game we were always a score behind. We'd tie then fall behind, tie then fall behind. We were never able to get ahead and that's what they need to do. We are ALWAYS playing catch-up. For once, I'd like to see this team get ahead and stay there. Too much to ask? I think not. Like you said, it all just needs to come together and "combine" for us to have a great game.

    McBean's penalties are unforgivable. He knows better, he probably heard it today from McD. I'd hate to be him and have to watch that on tape & have McD breathing down my neck about it. Shivers!!! lol Thing is he wasn't thinking. He can't let any player get to him and cost us a TD let alone the game. Not only is he in McD's doghouse, he's definitely not my favorite person right now.

    Good news about Bay Bay. Would love to have him in the game against Seattle. I noticed though that they had Decker in with the ST hopefully they'll put him to better use sometime soon. I liked what I saw from Gaffney, Lloyd & Royal. All 3 were huge game players for us. Lloyd really put on a great game for himself. That one-hand catch he had for the TD that didn't count... awesome!!

  5. Yeah I first heard the nickname, Squid, on MHR and have been using since, I think it is cool.

    And yeah I hope McBean doesn't get stuck in the Peyton Hillis doghouse.

    I was really impressed from what I saw out of Lloyd, he made some good grabs. But I would like to see Decker get move improved. Have a few 4 wide receiver sets if we can't run the ball. And I hope Bay Bay is back for the game against the Hawks, I want to see him in action.

    And I am glad now that I didn't get up at 3 to watch this game. As you said it is boring haha.

  6. I AM F@#KED OFF!! We have signed Jabroni as a back up RB. We should have kept Torrain... MAN IM SO PISSED OFF!

  7. Wow Samoan, hold on who? you mean? Maroney? And yeah I liked Torain.

  8. Haha Jabroni, now it makes sense.