September 20, 2010

Broncos Vs Seahawks - Post Game Recap

The Denver Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks today at Invesco Field in Denver. The Broncos were solid all day and managed to come away with the win. The Broncos lead by 17 to nothing at half time due to a number of turnovers caused by the Denver defense. It was a good game by the Broncos and showcased some of the talent that we have on the team, and that includes a certain rookie, but more on that later.

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Passing Game:
The Passing game was really good for the Broncos today. Orton threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns and spread the ball to 7 different receivers. There were a number of big plays today. There were two that stood out for me. One was the yards after catch on a pass to Knowshon. It was a short pass and Knowshon made a number of people miss and hurdled another for a big gain. The other play was the trick play where the ball was handed off to Knowshon who headed off right. He then turned and passed the ball back to Orton who caught it and then turned and found Royal streaking across the middle of the field and up the side line. Royal had a big gain and dove to the 1 yard line.

Run Game - Short and goal:
The run game for the Broncos was ok, but could be way better. The Broncos didn't even get 100 yards on the ground. I did noticed that Knowshon may get 3 or 4, 3 yard runs and then get stopped for a lose. I think the Broncos need to get into a roll with the run just like they are with the pass. The other problem with the Broncos run game was the short and goal plays. The Broncos would use every down to try and run the ball in. I believe they had 6 attempts for two touchdowns from the 1. I am hoping that our run game and goal line situation improves with the addition of Maroney.

Turnovers and Defense:
One of the bright spots from this game was the ability of the secondary to get turnovers. Champ, Dawkins and Cox all made good grabs and ended drives that could have finished in scores. Cassius Vaughn also picked up a fumble on STs and was solid in coverage.

The defense as a whole was good, they gave up 100 yards on the ground but they managed to keep the passing game in check. I am still worried about the speed of the linebackers, they are big but mostly slow. DJ is good but the others have no speed, unless Moss is on the field. To let Hasselbeck walk right into the endzone with getting touched is a joke (if you watch this play again, watch Ayers at the bottom of the screen, he has his back completely turned to the play.)

Rookie Thomas:
Today's game was Demaryius Thomas debut and he came out in a big way. He was slow to start but after he made that first catch it was love at first sight with Orton. He would go back to Thomas over and over in the second half and Thomas was good. He showed good speed and made his first TD grab. He finished the day with a stat line of 8 receptions for 97 yards and a TD. The only problem I see with Thomas is that he can out run Ortons deep ball so he would have to come back and get it.

Orton's Beard:
If you watched the game closely, or have seen the BTV video on Orton has shaved the neck beard off. He now looks really nerdy.

There were a number of injuries in the game. Ayers had to go off for a while with an injury but did return late in the game. Andre Goodman also was taking off the field and did not return. And the worst of all was that Champ was taken off with an injury, believed to be an high ankle sprain. He was on crutches after the game, but he may play against the Colts.

Dawkins and DJ:
If you watch that video on you will see how pumped and awesome Dawkins is, you will also see DJ getting fired up and pumping up the linebackers, that is something I want to see more of from him.

Next week:
The Broncos take on the Indianapolis Colts at home. The Colts are coming off a big win over the Giants, 38-14. The game should be close, it will be interesting to see if the Broncos can tango with a top team like the Colts.

That is me done ~ Aussie out!


  1. Also in the BTV video at Orton has his hair slicked back like a greaser

  2. Yeah I laughed so hard when I saw him, man I feel sorry for his wife haha.

  3. And it looks like Champ has a heel injury.

  4. Kenny McKinley was found dead today, very sad.

  5. Whoa!!! That is sad news. What from?

    I posted this on the wrong post.
    In the spirit of the old Digger(for you 80), did you see the total domination Sunday? Holy cow, we smoked the Seahawks. The same team who smoked the 49ers last week. We controlled the clock and beat them by at least 10 minutes on time of possion. Had the old bend but don't break defense going. Shuting them out in the first half. Thomas was unreal. No INTs by Orton and the OL looked like they did alright IMO. Very happy and feel we match up fairly well with Indy next week. We will need some breaks again because they ARE the better team. We have a good shot though at home. Need to get pressure on Manning to get him flustered.

  6. It is on, they are saying it is suicide.

  7. And I like old digger haha.

  8. Crazy. Just give up, huh.
    Old Digger made a mistake. It was 15 minutes more in TOP.

  9. A kid with so much talent just to throw it a way, he must have been in a real bad place in his life.

  10. Yeah. To bad. I wonder what he was going through aside from being on IR.

  11. I will have a post up about this story and McKinley later this evening (morning for you), it should be good.

  12. I get on the internet tonight to check out a few things and what do I find on my homepage... McKinley committed suicide. I'm stunned. The rotoworld widget said in addition to him being placed on IR he was supposedly having financial issues. Whatever it was, it was enough for him to take his own life. I will never understand how someone can actually go through with doing that. My prayers go out to his family. So sad, I honestly don't know what to say.

    I look forward to that story about him whenever you get it posted Aussie. He could've had a bright future, more importantly though is now his child will have to grow up without a dad. From my experience with that... it sucks. Amazes me how people don't think about that stuff when they actually go through with suicide. It is a shame.

  13. I would have assumed that he had thought about that sort of stuff Princess, he probably would have thought about a lot of things, but he had his demons and he could not beat them. It is very sad and our thoughts and prays go out to his family.

  14. I should've rephrased that better. I'm sure he did think about his kid, family, everything my point was it wasn't enough to stop him from making a huge mistake. Its just hard to me to even think that things were THAT bad in his life he had to take his own life. Its just puzzling, ya know? Its the saddest thing when someone takes their own life. No doubt, my prayers are with his family. I'm sure they are in complete shock. I know I am. I hope to see at Sunday's game that they give him a moment of silence to remember him and give him a Mile High salute.

  15. Here Princess this is a comment from another blogger on, I will use some of this stuff in the article.

    Depression is a mental illness.

    In the mind of the clinically depressed self worth is deconstructed to the point that it is a SELFLESS act to end ones life. One truly believes that ones existence is an insurmountable burden to those who care. This belief system grows as brain chemistry reinforces the negative thinking until the only way to ease the burden to those one is closest to, including children, is to remove oneself from the equation through suicide. Of course all would be better off without the burden of the suicides existence.

    Hope that helps with a bit of a better understanding.