September 8, 2010

Tim Tebow Documentary - Trailer

Hey guys and gal, I came across this on MHR, it looks really cool and interesting.The documentary is called Man on a Mission: the Tim Tebow story, but on to the video. It is below:


  1. Hey princess I left a few questions on the previous post.

  2. More like trying to play 20 questions! lol

    Ok Mr. Nosey...

    I'm thinking I will do a preview before each game or you & I could work something out like one of does a preview before each game and one of us does a recap of each game. Trying to decide which end I should take. Doesn't really matter to me. Tell me what you think.

    As for question #2... I was going to go through with the article on Doom but since he got injured I wasn't sure what to do with it. Seems kinda silly to write it considering it was going to be kind of a preview of what he was going to do for us this season and yet, he's out for the season. I might still go ahead with it. It practically almost done. His injury and the news after that pretty much bummed me out and writing that article just made me think of what a great player we'll have to be without this year. Catch my drift?? So I might post it up soon or something... I love that picture of him that you helped me out with and I went through all that trouble & work to get info on him, might as well post the darn thing. lol

    And #3 - I've applied to quite a few places... a lot them just aren't hiring so I'll just have to bug them till one of them gives in. I'll find something soon, don't fret. :D Life is fine. Just got a new bed today. Got rid of the one I've had for 9 years (since freshman year in HS). Yeah, I've had it that long. This one is so cool. I've always had a daybed and now this is not only made of wood instead of metal, on each end there's like a fold down end table thing attached. Goes great with my chill-out-relax Hawaiian theme. lol Dog got a shave the other day... I'm ready for football to start (getting very antsy over here)... going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow... I'm just peachy.

    Any more questions??? hmmmm...

  3. Also looks like we'll have Moreno for Sunday's game and the rotoworld thingy said Clady is set to start for Sunday - THANK GOD!!!! I doubt Bay Bay will get much action. I'd rather have him 110% before he plays. And also looks like Beadles will be starting in place of Harris. At least there's some good news on our end. Having Clady back will make a HUGE difference for our Oline and give Orton more comfort knowing we have him back. Orton should be well protected on Sunday and should have lots of time to throw the ball when needed. So ready for this game.

    Oh and I still think Tebow will be made our #2 QB for at least Sunday's game. Won't see much action probably but he's more worthy of that #2 spot than Quinn.

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!! Go get 'em boys!!

  4. Cool Princess, I can do which ever one you want, maybe I do recap and you do preview?

    As for the Doom thing, I thought that is what might have happened, maybe on the end of it explain how he got injured and placed on IR and that he will be back firing next year.

    As for life, nice to see that you are trying to get a job, but I guess now you are probably broke haha. And cool on the bed, I have to get a new one soon too, the one I got is old and falling apart, it is almost as old as me.

    As for the Broncos on Sunday I think Clady will be big for us. Will be interesting to see how Beadles does. And would like to see Bay Bay play, because we haven't seen that yet, but as long as he is healthy.

    And Tebow should be 2, but I doubt we see him much if at all.

  5. The video's no longer available

  6. Wahaha they took it down, I will try to find another.

  7. Check it if you haven't seen it

  8. That works for me, so I'll do the preview and you can have the recap of games. Guess I better get to work! LOL

    And I will probably go through with the Doom article like you suggested, I've thought about it just been putting it off. Everytime I think about it just gets me down, ya know?? But I will try to get that up soon. Be patient with me. ;)

    Yeah I am pretty much broke, still got some graduation money left but not much. But this just goes to show how much of a spoiled brat I am... I still got my mom. But don't think I'm taking advantage of it, I'll be paying her back real soon. Yeah the bed I had was nine years old & falling apart as well. I pretty much was able to tear the frame apart without using many tools.

    Clady will most definitely be a huge plus for us. Can't wait to have a strong Oline again. Will make Orton's job much easier... sort of. lol

  9. Ok cool sounds good, and can't wait for the Doom article. And I figured you were broke haha.

  10. Finally watched the video.... goosebumps. Is there more to that video, kinda seemed like a sneak peak?

  11. Yeah is a trailer to the doco which is coming out latter this month.