September 4, 2010

Broncos Being Cuts

The Broncos begun cuts today to get down to the 53 man roster limit that is needed for tomorrow night. The players cut today are as follows:

DT Chris Baker
LB Jammie Kirlew
TE Kory Sperry
TE Nate Overbay
OL Paul Duncan
LB Johnny Williams
WR Alric Arnett

All had not done much with the team this year. Baker was a player that had shown potential but had struggled this year and had not seen much time during preseason games. Marcus Thomas had been seeing time at his position, along with Williams and Fields. I think Baker is still eligible for the pratice squad, this is his second year with us?

Jammie Kirlew was a 7th round pick this year but he had not done much this preseason and had fallen behind other players like Moss and Ayers and recently acquired Jason Hunter. Kirlew will most likely be placed on the practice squad.

Also two players were placed on Injured Reserve (IR), RB LenDale White and OLB Elvis Dumervil. White is out for the year after he tore his achilles in the Vikings game. His suspension will still stand for this year, so he will be back healthy, hopefully, next year. For more click here.

After talking with McD, Doom and him came to the conclusion that it was best that Doom go on IR and come back better than before next year as he has his whole career ahead of him. For more click here

Other Injuries:
TE Marquez Branson suffered a "significant" knee injury in Thursday night's preseason finale. And will miss sometime, the Broncos will have to look around to find a catch first TE.

Also RT Ryan Harris (ankle) is "questionable to doubtful" to play Week 1 against the Jaguars. The injury isn't too serious but he could miss week 1.

Other News:
With the injury to RB White the Broncos could be looking for another running back. Betts was released by the Saints and JJ Arrington was released by the Eagles. Both could be looked at again for depth.

Other things I hear:
Phonzy Smith is being shopped to other teams for a 5th round pick. The Vikings, Packers and Ravens could be landing spots.


  1. Brandon Stokley, Darrell Reid, and Jarvis Green were releases today. Jarvis Green was a huge disappointment, Reid was injured, Stokley was long in the years. Stokley was a good Bronco. best of luck to him

  2. We also just traded Alphonso Smith for TE Dan Gronkowski of the Lions. He was there 7th round pick in 2009. So in other words we traded a 1st round pick for a 7th round pick. Ridiculous. :/

  3. More cuts:
    Broncos waived OG Seth Olsen, LB Kevin Alexander, TE Riar Geer, DB Kyle McCarthy, LB Worrell Williams, DL Jeff Stehle, and WR Britt Davis.

    Only surprise kinda is Seth Olsen, but so far so good on cuts.

  4. Wow some really interesting cuts there, I will have more up on that this afternoon.

  5. Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty surprised with Seth Olsen being cut. Not shocked but definitely made me raise my eyebrows. lol And I hate to admit it but Stokley is getting up there. He's been one of my favorites since he got to Denver. Great leader for the team and all-around good player. Will miss him for sure. Hate to see a good guy & player like him go out with an injury... reminds me of Terrell "TD" Davis.

    And I'm actually pretty ticked off at McD for playing some of our key or potentially key players in the game on Thursday causing a season ending injury to White (he was doing some great things for us) and then Branson got injured. This is why I absolutely HATE pre-season games. As if we didn't have enough on our plate regarding injuries. Grrrrrrrrrrr I mean its not like we can't play football without White but he was looking great in pre-season and while Moreno & Bucky are healing we could've used the extra help, although the first 4 games would've been like this anyway considering White is on suspension during that time. I'll get over it (I guess) but we don't need anymore injuries. Kills me we can never catch a break. If its not one thing its another... alright I'm done venting. lol

  6. Oh and if you guys haven't see the TC pics I posted up here's a link so you can see them.

    TC pics

  7. Phonzy was dissapointing.

    Lollyd as WR#1 and Gaffney in the Slot?? Is that right

  8. I feel your venting Princess. lol. I think we are still in good shape tho going into the season. Im so excited!

    And Samoan WR#1 is Gaffney WR#2 is Lolyd with Royal in the slot. If we go 2 WR sets its Gaffney and Royal. If 3 WR sets Lolyd comes in and Royal moves to slot.