August 30, 2010

Belated Training Camp Pictures

Here are just a handful of the pictures I took from both days I went to see our boys at training camp. Better late than never, right?? ;)

Day 17: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So as you can see by the number of pictures I have of him (there's more, shocker right?), Tebow had a good practice this day. He was present till the very end. I swear in that one picture, he looked right at me or at least that's the way it looks from the picture. He's looking my way. At the end of practice I was able to get autographs from Zane Beadles, Seth Olsen & Eric Olsen, (it was Oline day). lol

Oh and I got a funny story about this day. I went with my friend Dave to this practice (he lives like 10 minutes away from the TC facilities). Anyway, the boys were getting ready to run a play and I needed to adjust some things with my camera. Well, they had already started and right as I was about to look up their way to maybe take a picture Orton throws this pass towards the sidelines where the fans are sitting. Funny part is... when he threw that pass, of course, we all expected the guy he was throwing it to, to catch it, right?? Psh, the ball flies threw the receivers hands and guess who its headed directly to? ME!!! haha, This whole time I was still playing around with my camera but I knew Orton had thrown the ball near our sidelines. So, while I wasn't paying attention, Dave was and 2 seconds before that ball would have hit me smack in the left eye leaving a pretty big shiner, Dave raises his right hand and stops the ball right as I was about to look up. I looked at him and just started laughing. I kept giving him crap about how he should've let it hit me so I could go home with my first black eye and say I got this from Kyle Orton! LOL But I'll tell you what, had I been paying attention and saw that ball coming, I would've caught that ball in no time. Wish I had seen it coming, that would've been sweet.

Alright I'm done with my short novel here. Enjoy the pics!!

Day 18: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tebow spent the majority of this day inside. He left right in the middle of some of the stretching but stayed long enough to "skip" with the other grown men. lol From what I saw the day before, Matthew Willis (#12) had a better day on Wednesday. At the end of the day, I was fortunate to get 2 more autographs from Phonzy (seen in the first picture) and Brandon Lloyd (#84). Lloyd is probably one of the coolest guys I've ever met. Was an awesome day!


  1. Nice pics Princess and funny story. Are you going through the photos and lining them up?

  2. And Haha I knew you were in that mode, I am too good.

  3. Oh geez, I knew that would boost your ego if I admitted you were right, but you were. Don't read too much into it. lol

    And what do you mean am I going through the photos and lining them up??

  4. Haha yeah Princess, I went into mine and was like what could her problem be? Then mine loaded in Edit HTML mode and I was oh, I bet she has just done that, silly lady haha and I was right.

    As for the photos it looked like you were aligning them up, but I was wrong confused myself haha. But if need be I can line up the photos of decker and what not.

  5. Yeah, that's what the problem was. Totally confused me cuz it never used to load in that format before. It was always on Compose when I first started a new post. Really weird but now I know. I never even noticed the Edit HTML tab before now.

    Thanks for lining those pics back up. I was wanting them all to be like they are now but like you saw the last few pics just didn't like that idea. lol

  6. Oh I also meant to share this with my favorite Broncomaniacs. When I first got to Denver my Gpa and his crazy wife picked me up cuz my aunt had her HS class reunion that weekend. Anyway, we had a few hours to find something to do so we just stayed in the Denver area and somehow we ended up in Cherry Creek (same place where Elway's son Jack went to HS). Anyway, we were looking for some place to eat... little miss bottomless pit over here was starving! lol So my Gpa goes to make this left turn which puts me in the perfect spot to notice this restaurant right on the corner... Elway's!! haha My Gpa didn't even have to ask but he did anyway. So we ended up eating lunch at Elway's steakhouse... freakin' awesome!! Really good food and the place itself was really nice. I mean we are talking a really nice fancy place. So obviously it was kinda expensive... they had a $18 sandwich on the menu which was crazy. I kept telling myself, if I order that or one of the more expensive things on the menu, John Elway better come with it. LOL Just thought I'd share that... ahhh, good times! :D

  7. Haha it is ok Princess, and yeah I fixed it up for you.

    And that is cool about Elway's, sounds like a nice place.