August 13, 2010

Training Camp - Day 12

Hey guys, what has been doing? Well I guess I better get on to today's update as there is a lot of stuff to cover. First up No Injuries today! Finally some good news for our guys.

Injury Update:

The Broncos expect to have Correll Buckhalter back from his neck/back injury by the second preseason game.

Broncos TE Marquez Branson suffered a sprained right ankle during Wednesday's practice. It could keep him out awhile.

Gaffnery also returned to practice.

New Signings:

The Broncos today released ILB Nick Greisen, McD said he had been falling behind and had dropped on the depth chart. With the release of Greisen the Broncos signed LB Johnny Williams. Williams spent time on the Steelers' practice squad last season after going unpicked in the 2009 draft.McD said they preferred a young guy that could learn and go on the practice squad as a player for the future. Hence the release of Greisen as he is an older player with not much left to give. But Johnny Williams, the newest Bronco, almost wasn’t. When the linebacker landed in Denver after flying from Kentucky, he saw a message from the Steelers. They had him on their practice squad last season. Now they wanted him back.But Williams, bound by his good word to the Broncos, declined to return. “They (the Broncos) called me first,” he said, (

For more on Williams check out this video, Johnny Williams.

Camp Notes:

Dawkins and Brandon LLoyd had a good practice today. Dawk took a intercept today and almost had another. LLoyd had a number of key receptions in today's practice. This makes the decision for the last receiver even more hard. Who would you keep out of Willis, Stokley and Llyod.

With Kuper still sidelined, Russ Hochstein received most of the first-team work at right guard. Stanley Daniels had handled it earlier in the week

The session ended on a good note when Matt Prater booted a 61-yard field goal to earn the team’s offseason champions a night without curfew. Several of his teammates started getting loud and the crowd joined in, but everyone was excited when the kick — hit with the wind at his back — easily cleared the uprights.

Things I hear:

Brandon Marshall is going to play in the NBA next year if there is a work stoppage. Not sure if he is blowing up smoke, but it wouldn't surprise me if he went looking for more money with the work stoppage. But there is probably something in this contract that says he can't do it. I doubt the Dolphins were happy about the comments, but really who cares?

Madden 11 could be the last Madden. What you say? With the awesome Madden 12 to come next year? Madden 11 is the last? What you smoking Aussie? Well listen up to this. Former Bengals running back Tony Davis has filed a class-action suit against EA on behalf of some 6,000 retired NFL pros over the use of player likenesses in Madden NFL 09, reports IGN.

The suit alleges Electronic Arts "knowingly and intentionally" used the retired players' likenesses in such a way to avoid having to pay licensing fees. Plaintiff and former NFL running back Tony Davis contends EA misappropriated the retired players by using their exact player stats and positions from when they were active in the league, including height and weight, but would remove their names and change their uniform numbers.

So EA sports did what it does best, whatever it wants. EA Sports and Madden could be in trouble with this one. If you want to check out the lawsuit click here.

Things I read:

A lot of good articles with useful information at, check the list below:

Practice Sessions focus on Benegals
Analysis: Time has come for Broncos WR Stokley to strut his stuff
Ben McDaniels charts own course to be Broncos QB coach
Midwest roots shape way of life for Broncos' McDaniels

Other things:

That's so hot right now

Thought this was an awesome comic from Litton:

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


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  3. KFS,
    Whats up man? I hang out in this blogroom way more than, less issues with blog errors, and more freedom, and Aussie is the man, pretty funny stuff.

  4. Just curious Gould, was that supposed to say "win some guys" or "win some games" in the hypothetical picture convo between lloyd and McD

  5. haha, hey TRB, you seen the trade offers I have sent you?

  6. Wow, lots of good news on the roto news dealio on the side of the page!

  7. I just did a crazy fantasy draft on Yahoo. Gives points for QB completions and lets you start up to 2 QB's. It was pretty fun.

  8. Glen Coffee retired. 1 year in the nFL.

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  11. Alrite Aussie. I accepted the trade offer to complete our awesome 3 way trade. haha. And good to see u here on the blog KFS and TRB. And sweet hat your rockin there Jazzy in your new pic.

    Now and about our WR's i love all of them and the question u asked Aussie was of Stokley, Loyld, and Willis. Very hard to cut anyone of those guys, but i'd say Lolyd is out of the picture and its between Stokley and Willis. If Willis is as good as been advertised in camp i say we keep him and Stokely gets the boot and another one of Shanahans guys gone. But i really would like to keep Stokley and Willis, hopefully we can. So our WR's are Bay Bay, Decker, Royal, Gaffney, Willis, Stokley, and Lolyd. I could keep 6 WR's on the roster.

  12. I think they will keep six on the roster. But I think Lloyd may go, the way I have read it is that McD is keeping one out of the Stokley and Lloyd as they fall into the WR without ST. Where as Willis is WR and ST so they will keep him. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  13. Ya. Many people will be upset if Stokley gets cut i bet. I for one hope we keep him instead of Lolyd. Hes a great veteran leader and has great hands.