August 7, 2010

Training Camp - Day 5 and 6

Well guys and gal, what was a few bad days has turned into a horror week. Where to start, I guess with Doom's injury. Which we found out is now a torn pectoral muscle and he could be out for most if not all of the season. Now lets have a look at the injury from an image I borrowed off
Now correct me if I am wrong but I believe that Doom's injury is more along the green line then the blue line. The green line would have torn the tendon away from the muscle which makes it very hard to lift and use that arm. And it would have been very hard if impossible for Doom to tear his muscle all the way along the blue line. Also to make this sound worse a rugby league player had this exact same injury and was out for 5 and a half months. So it won't be a quick heal.

Now to the list of other injuries:

Jarvis Moss broken hand, out for a few weeks and then probably have to wear a club like Dawkins last year.
Guard Chris Kuper and newly signed running back Lendale White also left practice. Kuper has an ankle injury and he is expected to miss some time. White’s situation is unknown.

Denver is the most-injured team in the NFL. Star left tackle Ryan Clady is out with a knee injury and he hopes to return in September. Top running backs Knowshon Moreno (hamstring) and Correll Buckhalter (back) were both hurt Sunday. They both should return this month. DJ Williams has also been held out for some time. And Doom of cause.

And now on top of that the New England Patriots have claimed Josh Barrett off waivers. He was also injured. I liked him as a special teamer and he had been good for us. It is a bad lose to lose a fan favourite.

At least there will be no more contact till Saturday so hopefully no more injuries.

Time for some good news:

Matthew Willis is still a stand out in camp.

The players got ice cream today.

Thomas has looked good in camp and looks like the real deal, as reported by Rotoworld.

And Tebow likes to run on alot of plays because he has struggled with his progressions, as reported by Rotoworld. Though he did throw some nice passes in today's highlight package.

Things I read:

Harsh Reality of Camp.

Now for some more fun to lighten the mood.


  1. You crack me up Aussie,
    Great job on everything. lol. You ready for the draft, you best not be playing madden during the draft this year! Be prepared, because the champ is here!

  2. Holy @#$&^*@#$...#@$(*@#$5, completely forgot that was today, was out with the GF. So yeah missed it.

  3. LOL, you all are too funny. So I guess the injuries to Thomas and Decker will be evaluated more tomorrow, I pray to God we will finally catch a break with this injury bug. I hope the injury bug gets injured!! grrrrr Talk about drama!

    Well, I'm heading out to CO tomorrow for about 2 weeks. Don't have too much fun on here without me! lol

    And once again, CONGRATS to Floyd Little who is now, after 3 long decades, a Hall of Famer. He never got to win a SB but I'd bet this tastes much sweeter!! He totally deserves it. His speech was awesome and so heart-felt. You could tell he enjoyed every minute of it. So we now have 3 Broncos in Canton... move over ya stupid Cowboys, we'll have more to come. Would be really sweet if they acknowledged Sharpe for next year's class. I may be dreaming but you can't blame me. Anyways, I'm out for 2 weeks. Later boys. ;p

  4. Princess you said 'catch a break', Nooooooo! haha

    And Princess if you get to go to camp take a heap of pictures for us.

    And will we try not to have to much fun haha

  5. Barrett gone?? Dang, I loved using him as a blitzer in Madden... ahhh well nevermind. :(