August 26, 2010

Broncos vs Steelers and More

Hey guys how is it going? Been very busy for me recently, university is off the charts at the moment, a lot of work to be done. But I managed to get a little spare time and thought I would do a bit of an update on Bronco news as a lots been happening. Also got some other information thrown in and a bit of a preview of this weeks game.

Poll results:
First I would like to start with the result of the poll that has been running for the last few weeks. After Doom signed his new deal I was asking how many sacks Doom would get this year and a week later he got injured. So I have been asking the last few weeks who would sack the QB this year for us. The winner with 5 votes was...Tim Tebow...? Ok so maybe I voted a few to many times for him, (you seen his guns?). The votes for the others where all very similar across Ayers, Haggan and Moss. But it looks like Moss and Ayers will be doing the sacking this year as Haggan has been moved back inside to the 'Mike' linebacker.

Other News:
The 18 game season is picking up a bit of speed in the last few days. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league ownership has shown overwhelming support of the change. They didn't approve an 18-game regular season at the Special League Meeting, but opted instead to discuss options to propose to the NFL Players Association and business partners. The "enhanced" schedule would change from 4 pre-season and 16 regular season games to 2 pre-season and 18 regular season contests. They didn't approve the 18 game season as the Owners want to include it in the next collective bargaining agreement and would be ready for the 2012 season. One player that has come out and said he would support it is Terrell Owens, but that isn't saying much.

In other news the league has approved the purchase of the Rams by Stan Kroenke. To comply with the NFL's cross-ownership policy, Kroenke will transfer, by the end of the year, the financial interest of the NHL's Avalanche and the NBA's Nuggets to his son, Josh. The purchase of the Rams is rumoured to be around 750 million dollars.

There was only one signing this week, as the Broncos were assigned Tight End Kory Sperry off waivers. The Dolphins released the second-year tight end from Colorado State at the start of the week. The next day the Broncos had picked up the 6-foot-4, 238-pound tight end. He notched three catches for 31 yards and a touchdown in eight games, including one start, as a rookie with the Dolphins last season. He is currently in number 45 for the team but may struggle to make the 53 roster. He will most likely end up on the practice squad.

There were a number of cuts this week as the Broncos start to cut down their roster. They have to get to 75 players on the roster by the 31st of August. The Broncos first waived RB Tony Baker, OL Kirk Barton, and WR Patrick Carter. This was then followed by the surprise cut of Akin Ayodele. The Broncos said that it was so he could catch on with another team and that they had moved Haggan back inside. Also could be that Moss has been playing well and like 80# said our best linebackers are Ayers, Haggan, DJ and Moss. That could be the starting Linebacking corps. I think it was a good cut as Akin misses tackles like anything, Nate Webster like. Then probably the best cut of the five was the release of Tyler Polumbus who had struggled this camp and last year playing LT. Because of this he tumbled down the depth chart and was finally released. He was claimed off waivers by the Lions a few days later.

There was only one injury to report from the last few days of training as Demaryius Thomas who had recently returned to practice re-injured his surgically repaired left foot. X-Rays and an MRI were taken to see if there was a stress fracture in his troublesome left foot but they were clear. Vic Lombardi reports that the Broncos fear one of the screws in Thomas' left foot may have come loose. Further information hopefully to come.

Returning from Injuries:
Now some good news as a lot of injured players made their way back to the practice field the last few days. We got two of our runningbacks as LenDale White and Correll Buckhalter returned to the practice field. We got a few defenders back as Champ Bailey and DJ Williams returned to practice too. Also Tim Tebow returned to practice this week after missing last weeks game. But the biggest name to return back to the practice field (and yes not Tebow) was the return of Ryan Clady to practice. After injuring his knee playing basketball a few months ago Clady returned to the practice field. He was limited and wore a no contact jersey but it is a good sign to see him back out there. For more see

Game Preview:
Now onto the Steelers game as it will be an interesting game as the starters are expected to play most of the game, about 3 quarters worth. It could be the first time we see DJ out there and Champ may also play. I think Buckhalter may be rested. Clady will not play. Also Tebow will not, as Brady Quinn will get the last quarter. LenDale White may see some action if he is ready to go.

So some things to watch out for in this game:
The line protection.
The run game.
How our Wide Receivers go and who sees some time with the ones. Would like to see Decker and Willis run a little with Orton.
And I am interested in our pass rush and how the first string linebackers line up.
And can Phonzy improve? Or is Cox got the jump?
Well that is it for me till Sunday ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Wooooo! Football season is here!!! haha. Im looking forward to the game tomorrow.

  2. I played my first game of the year yesterday, 20-0, we had the shutout and was against last years grand finalist winners. So we were very happy, got myself a pick and made a number of tackles was a really good game.

  3. Great job Aussie! What position do u play again? And Friday night was my teams first game. We played a team called Bel Air from El Paso Texas and whooped on them 47-10. We did pretty good and should have a great shot at state this year i think. Sadly i wasnt cleared to play, but starting tomorrow i am! We have a JV game tomorrow and ill be playing in that! :D I know its only JV, but im so excited. Ill be starting both ways on offense and defense. This is kinda just like a get my feet wet game for JV to get myself ready to play varsity rest of the season. :) Gametime in 3 hours guys!

  4. Hey boys, your Princess is back!!! I've been back for a week. Had a great time, plenty to tell but I'd end up writing a book (literally) so I'll just say I got to see Tebow in at least one day of practice... so freakin' hot!! LOL I creamed my little cousins in one heck of a water balloon fight... don't be surprised, I always win. Of course it helps that they are only 7 & 8 and can't work a slingshot very well. ahaha

    So I got to see 2 practices of the training camp and was going to post some of the pictures but the stupid thing won't let me. I get to the 'New Post' spot and click on "Add Image" and it just sits there and stares at me. Don't know what you did Aussie but just because I can I'll blame this one on you. lol JK JK!! I know its way past TC but I didn't take those pics for nothin'. I got some good ones. Anyway, if you could help me out, you would be my favorite Australian. lol Oh who am I kidding, just fix it.... please! :D Oh and congrats on your football game (to both Aussie & #80).

    Can't wait for tonight's game. So ready to see our boys win. But of course I'd rather have us accumulate the wins in regular season where they actually count for something. These pre-season games make me nervous. Kick some butt Broncos... send those Steelers home with nothin'!! muwahahaha

  5. Your back! lol...sounds like it was a great time and you picking on your lil 7 and 8 year old cousins..Pshh. haha..jk. And ya Aussie, i wanna see those pics! lol. Also just letting you know Princess the day u left, the week after that, we completed most of our FF trades and got the main Fantasy football talk outta of the way so u were in luck. lol...

  6. LOL, good to know I missed that!!

    Oh and believe me 80, their older brother & I had too much fun in that water fight. We went up to Estes Park (my fav. place) and it was the last thing we wanted to do. So originally Colby & I were going to gang up on them but my aunt (their grandma) talked us out of it. So I got paired up with the youngest one, Heidi and Colby and the other sister Malorie were together. Well, it still worked to our advantage cuz both Colby and I ended up being directly across from the 2 girls. So you have these huge slingshots and each side had 3 buckets of 7 balloons. Needless to say, 7 balloons wasn't enough. Anyway, Malorie got it the worst cuz twice I shot off a balloon and it landed perfectly in her slingshot and of course when that happened it popped along with the balloon she was trying to shoot off and well I beat her to the punch and it just soaked her... did I mention I did that twice!! It looked like I threw her in the lake. The 2 girls needed towels to completely dry off. And then, this guy that works at this park is the "play a prank" type so when Colby & Malorie were out of balloons this guy walks up to Malorie with an extra balloon so she could have one more shot at getting me (I didn't get wet at all, haha). And right as she went to grab the balloon from him, he popped it with his hands right in front of her face and added to the mess I already made on her. LOL Man, I was laughing so hard. Then the same guy did the same thing to Heidi and since I was standing practically right next to her (I moved far away as I could cuz I knew what he was going to do). When he popped the balloon right in her face, my feet was all that got wet during that whole fight. Was awesome stuff. Well, so much for not writing a book. lol That's a good story though. But I have to admit, had their dad or some of the other people in my family (mainly the guys) been in that water fight, I would've gotten creamed myself. The funny part was that the girls just weren't tall enough yet to really work the slingshot so Colby & I walked away pretty dry. He got a little wet but I dodged all the bullets. ;)

  7. Oh and I was finally able to get the "Add Image" button to work but now when I add a picture instead of being able to see the picture, it shows the hyperlink and so now I can't put 2 pics side by side so the post won't be so lengthy. Sheesh... if its not one thing its another. Where are you Aussie!!! grr lol

  8. Haha Have no fear, Aussie is here haha. What up Princess sounds like you had fun away. And 80# I play DB, was playing mostly corner in that game but rounded into saftey every now and then.

    Now for the pictures, Princess do you want to send them in an email to me?

  9. Orton getting hurt, and Cox awesome int!

  10. Dang, that was an awesome game!! Overall, I say we improved big. I like the look of our 1st stringers on offense, D & ST. We have things to work on but we look much better than the latter part of last season. I don't what the deal is with Quinn though... dude seriously needs to work on his game. Anyone else notice that a recovering Tebow got more playing time than he did?? Tebow is movin' on up the chain of command. Not looking good for Quinn however. 3 INTs in the game, very impressed by our D. I'm liking Martindale's defensive system much better than Nolan. Proving to be more effective. Bottom line: if we play like our best moments of this game all season long, we will be doing GREAT things. They are getting much better with time like I've always thought and a 10-6 record this year is looking more and more realistic. Heck, I'll shoot for 11-5. I'm an optimistic person. They are capable of it.

    As for the pics I got. If you can't fix the problem Aussie, I'll send the best ones I have to you in an email for you to post. Its so weird though. The little toolbar that sits all the way across the top of the box where you type in your post, when I went to start a new post it shrunk down to only a couple of buttons and then like I mentioned earlier, when I went to add an image instead of showing the actual picture is shows this 6-line hyperlink?? Would be great if you could try to fix that but if not, I'll go ahead and send you the pics.

  11. Hey Princess are you in the EDIT HTML or Compose tab, if in edit html change it to Compose and see if that works?

    I don't know why it isn't working for you?