August 14, 2010

Calm before the Tebow?

Hey guys, not long now and it will be Bronco time as the players take the field to take on the Benegals. And it should be a good game as there are a number of interesting points to observe. But the main one as you and I know is Tim Tebow. And like the title says is this the calm before the storm? If Tebow has an awesome game and Orton struggles would that mean Tebow is on his way up? Is this like I say the calm before the Tebow?

Game Preview:

Well this is the start of the 2010 season for us. This is the first preseason game this year and it is against the Benegals and it will be an interesting game. The game doesn't mean much for the first teamers but for everyone else this is an very important game. Sort of like a business interview, the players will have to show case their skills in the hope of an roster spot.

There will be a few things to keep an eye on in this game. Here is a list.

How 'Wink' coaches the defense. New LBs Mays and Williams how they play.
Chris Baker and how he plays. How Cox and Smith play in coverage.
The pass rush, keep an eye on McBean.
Our Run game.
The O-line, how will Walton and Beadles do.
The battle between Stokley and Lloyd.
How the QBs play, or more importantly how Tebow plays.

I think the first teamers will play one or two series, but most of the first quarter. I then think Quinn and the second teamers will play the second quarter. And Tebow and the rest will play the second half.

The score will not mean much but a win is always good.

Camp Notes:

The team kicked off this morning’s session by running through pregame drills, focusing on their game day routine that will go into effect Saturday at Cincinnati.

Eddie Royal and Marquez Branson were among the players back at practice after sitting out Thursday’s afternoon session. Despite wearing full pads, the team practiced at a walk through speed.

Lance Ball cut his run through a hole on the right side of the line, sprinting into the defensive secondary. Richard Quinn limped over to Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos after the play.

Things I read:

Building a head coach

If the 2010 Season is 'Lost', Why Start Tim Tebow?

Things I hear:

The Denver Post points to a "feel around this training camp" that Brandon Stokley is "somehow on the roster bubble."

Eddie Royal has worked with the first-string offense for the entire training camp.

Beat writer Mike Klis expects LT Ryan Clady (torn patellar tendon) to return to the practice field around Aug. 30.


Now with all these injuries I decided to do a bit of research into injuries and ways to prevent them. And I come across theses:

Now you are probably thinking that is a bit mean or harsh of me, but I think it has come to this. I think with a few of the major injuries happening that the other players have seen this and are now being overly cautious. Every little niggle has now become a full blow injury. Case in point TE Branson, he went down with ankle injury that looked serious and had to be carted off the field. But he returned the next day to practice. Same for Ayers, got a little niggle but was fine. So I think it is about time the guys hardened up and stopped scaring us with all these little injuries.

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Forgot to point out that Aussie's have 4 or 5 concrete pills mixed into our cereal every morning haha.

  2. Some good pointers there AB! I'll be keen to look out for all those points over the next 3 days.

    In regards to the pills heres video footage Chopper Ried has some advice for you players out there lol

  3. Haha Chopper, now that was a great show.

  4. Is it football yet? I am so bored!

  5. New Title image, what you think?

  6. Oh yeah forgot to add this for things to watch out for in the game today, Tebows Guns haha.

  7. Nice pre-game Aussie. Can't wait for tonight. I would like to add one more thing to watch. As we all know our TEs are not a strong point of our O. The play calling is of high interest to me as to how much our TEs will be expected to contribute, because if there are alot of checkdowns to them I have a feeling our O will struggle again this year. Thus causing us to be in for a long year of close games again and the possibility of not winning many of them. The O has got to be better this year than last year. Plain and simple. So far in camp it doesn't sound like they are.

  8. Sad news. Stafon Johnson dislocated his ankle against the Seahawks last night. I know most are familiar with his story of his comeback. I think it was Doc who was high on drafting him and when he went undrafted said we should pick him up before Tenn did. Tough luck. I wish him the best.

  9. Great job Aussie. The title image looks fine and is pretty cool. And nice points on what to watch. I cant wait! Im so excited to see them tonite! Football seasons here! haha....and i do to wish Stafon Johnson the best. One great football player that has heart.

  10. If anyone has a link to a stream of the game please post

  11. Well that was too easy. TE look good, Royal good and I think Huss started?

  12. Oh and Doc sent you a link in email.

  13. Quinn, no completions and pick 6? cut him or atleast drag him.

  14. Thanks Aus. like the banner. J-Will did amazing and Ayers and Phoonz suck

  15. Ayers was none existent, and Smith got beat a number of times. Tebow looked good though.

  16. Just some of the things i saw:

    Orton looked very good and made great decisions and throws, very confident with him at QB.

    Tebow looked very promising and he will be our QB of the future.

    Brady Quinn was horrendous! Poor accuracy and decision making.

    Cox is one hell of a player. Looked very explosive on most returns and was very solid at CB.

    Nate Jones and Phonzy BOTH suck. Both afraid of contact.

    Stokley could be on his way out. Was working with the 3rd team i think. Lloyd started i think. Royal looks like McD's Welker, especially on his TD.

    Our first team D looked solid, but our 2nd and 3rd team looked like crap.

    McBean is starting at DE instead of Jarvis Moss

    ILB Ayodele started and looked solid.

    Ayers was descent, got a lil pressure, but nothing great. But i need to see him more to see how he will be for us this season.

    Our running game wasnt good at all, but then again we didnt have any good backs i guess.

    And finally Champ Bailey is still the BEST CB in the league. Revis who? Many people have said Bailey is no longer the best and given Asomagouh, Woodson, or Revis that title. I think not, sure i would rather have Revis right now cause he is so much younger, but Champ is still the best no matter what any one says i think.

    Overall even tho we lost i thought it was a good game for us. Our starting offense and defense looked both good and we have our QB of the future. And we have to remember we were missing alot of guys tonite with injuries. The Broncos are in a good position right now i think. :)

  17. Things I saw:

    Ayers was ok but didn't show up in the push rush like he should.

    Akin misses tackles like anything.

    Phonz sucked as did Quinn.

    Really happy with the 1st team Offense, craved up the Benegals D and made it look easy. Royal looks good as does Lloyd, could be bye bye Stokley.

    I am worried about the second level our LBs. If they made a run through the first level, the DL, they went striaght into the DBs without any LB help, Woodyard was ok, Akin not so, Mays not bad. I think they miss DJ.

    McBath was ok.

    The starting O-line was solid, Walton and Beadles were good.

    As for QBs, Orton was all over them. Quinn couldn't hit an ocean liner if it was 2 feet in front of him. As for Tebow, he was solid behind a bad O-line. I don't think he has jumped Quinn, the coach will give Quinn a second chance, but I think by the end of pre season Tebow will be 2nd QB.

  18. Tebow will overtake Quinn as #2 quarterback soon

    That Mays guy looked like a monster. We did a good trade.

    I think our 5 WR's are goin to be Thomas, Royal, Gaffney, Decker, and Lloyd. You did a good service here Stokley.

    Alphonso Smith NEEDS to step up his game, or else Cox will overtake him as the #3 cornerback.

    Ayers can't stop the run and he can't put pressure on the QB. He's going to be a starter but he needs to step up.

  19. Doc, Smith is behind Cox and Jones. And yeah I like Mays.

    Also read these:

    ROBERT AYERS drew the double teams that would have almost certainly gone to Elvis Dumervil had he not torn his pectoral muscle. Ayers did a decent job in spite of the circumstances, and nearly got to Palmer once, but the Broncos didn’t mount much pressure in general, allowing Carson Palmer plenty of time to throw.

    MARQUEZ BRANSON found himself in a more prominent role than might have been expected, starting as the Broncos opened in a two-tight end set and playing into the fourth quarter as a tight end and occasional H-back. Absences played a role in Branson’s endurance; Richard Quinn sat out with an ankle injury and Spencer Larsen remained back in Denver because his wife gave birth to their third child.

    Congrats Larsen.

  20. Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall punted away a ball in frustration on Monday, re-enacting a scene similar to the one that led to his suspension in Denver last year.

    Marshall dropped a pass in the end zone during a workout, and then grabbed the football and punted it over a nearby fence (via the Palm Beach Post).

    It was almost a year ago that Marshall, then an unhappy member of the Broncos, was caught on TV batting away a ball, punting a ball and being generally disengaged during drills. He later called the display an "error in judgment" and was suspended by the team for the remainder of the preseason.

    The Dolphins did not comment on Marshall's behavior on Monday. The receiver, entering his first season in Miami after being traded by Denver, said last weekend he wasn't pleased with his performance in camp thus far.

  21. Doc
    Love your comments. That's about what I would say I saw too. Stokley is still to valuable to just let go though. Don't know what will happen there yet. Maybe we keep 7. Jonny Williams also looked pretty good along with Mays. The most disappointing thing all night was punt coverage. We suck bad. That sucks worse than Phonzy being a bust.

  22. Doc: What about WR Willis?? i thought the WR battle for the last spot would be between Llyod and Stokley, but Lloyd started last night so i think it will be between Willis and Stokley. And like Aussie said, Cox is already locked in at #3 corner.

    Also i really do love it Jazzy! haha. Seems he still hasnt changed and is still an "all about me" player. Glad hes gone and we have team guys now that work hard and give there all.

  23. Haha Marshall, glad we no longer have this guy.

    Put coverage did alright, got beat a few times, but I think Colquitt was out kicking the coverage, just more stuff to work on for this week.

    As for Stokley and Lloyd this is the way I read into it. We have Gaffney and Royal as locks. Thomas and Decker also locks because draft picks. So there is two spots left. One for a WR and special teams player and one for WR and NO special teams player. So Matthew Willis is fighting guys like Arnett and Davis for one spot. And Lloyd and Stokley are fighting for the other. If we don't carry 7, Stokley could be gone.