August 12, 2010

Training Camp - Day 11

Denver Broncos Training Camp
Hey guys, another day at training camp and more injuries to report. Today it was first tight end Marquez Branson that got injuried and had to be carted off the field. It looks like it could be a serious injury. The other injury today was Robert Ayers, he hurt his arm and elbow in the morning practice. But it was not a serious injury as Ayers returned to the afternoon practice, but he was sporting a new elbow brace. Gaffney also got knocked about in the morning camp, no idea what the injury is.

Notes from Camp:

Looks like the Offense had a terrible practice this morning, or the defense was just amazing. But it looks like the Offense picked it up in the afternoon practice.

It didn’t take long for Justin Fargas to get into the action. The newcomer broke through the line on a handful of runs, much to the delight of the crowd.

D.J. Williams, Jamal Williams, Daniel Graham, Jabar Gaffney and Demaryius Thomas sat out the afternoon session. They all appeared to be headed to the weight room for a workout along with Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter.

Andre’ Goodman snagged the second interception of the afternoon session when he outjumped Willis for the pick.

Topping them all might have been Bailey in coverage. The veteran quickly closed on a pass toward Stokley, tipped it in the air and corralled it for an interception.

Things I heard:

The Baltimore Sun suggests perhaps the cornerback-hungry Baltimore Ravens will pursue Denver starting cornerback Andre' Goodman. The Broncos would likely ask for a decent return for Goodman, who played well last year. If Denver was to deal Goodman, veteran Nate Jones and rookie Perrish Cox, who has been outstanding in camp, would take on increased roles.

Things I read:

Is Tebow Ready?

Camp Confidential: Denver Broncos,


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  1. I wouldn't mind getting a set of pads like Dawk is wearing.

  2. Anyone bought Madden 11 yet?

  3. Aussie I bouoght it. I wouldn't suggest buying it. Aside from the updated rosters it is almost the exact same as Madden 10. The new Gameflow thing they installed is crap and I don't use it. Gameflow is the same as the "Ask Madden" button. Franchise mode is the same, which was really disappointing.

    Also, where did you hear the trade rumors about Goodman?

  4. Also Demaryous Thomas is a beast in Madden. I like him better then Marshall and I've only played a few games. He has amazing speed and is huge. Also Tebow has the "guns" you are so obsessed with. lol. He can throw a good 60 yards accuratley

  5. Dr Chris, I played the demo and thought exatcky the same thing regarding gameflow and the game overall. Its like Madden10 1.1.0. I am a little dubious about buying it... MW2 has my current attention.

    DT's stats were all i saw and i thought a faster Brandon Marshall YUSSSS!!! I saw the clip of TT breaking a couple of tackles to scamper away for a 50+ TD which I thought was great viewing, but in the greater scheme of things, they haven't fixed the BS with QB's breaking tackles

  6. Haha Samoan I always see you playing that game haha.

    Yeah Doc I thought that was what would happen, remember that article I did about it.

    Also question, how is the new motion stuff, the spins and jukes that really good?

  7. So recommendations? Do not buy Madden 11...shoplift it?

  8. Wahaha you read this? Idiot...

  9. Oh and the thing about Goodman was on ESPN.

  10. Yea Its really easy to break tackles in Madden 11. I play Red Dead Redemption over it

  11. Haha who wants Sparatcus? This awesoem video

  12. I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning and Greeny mentioned that Shanahan hired Steve Atwater and Steve Beuerlein. At what capacity I'm not sure? I looked on the Redskins website under the coaching staff and their names were not listed (yet).

    Also I was on a job today that was next Lincoln Park HS football field here in San Diego. Now I know you're all wondering what that has to do with anything...? But I'll give you a clue...he was a RB at Lincoln, and he was also the MVP in SB XXII.

    Also thanks for the updates G1!

  13. HAHAHA yeah MW2 is me. RDR looks pretty mean as well. I'll try and steal a copy of M11 rather than buy one lol

    I remember seeing the movie on video, my dad loved it.. Kirk Douglas... shesh thats old school.

  14. Yeah read that and TD was there, they are interns at Redskins camp to see what coaching in the NFL is like, Michael Pittman is also there.

  15. Do the Ravens have a rush linebacker they'd be willing to offer for Goodman?