August 19, 2010

Training Camp - Day 18

Hey guys, what has been doing? Been an interesting few days at the Broncos practice. But most of the news is about injuries or about people coming back from injuries or rehabbing injuries. Expect for one, I came across this 'The team announced it waived Dustin Fry. He missed much of training camp with a leg injury and was third string on the depth chart at center'.So I guess lets get into the other news we have.

Well it is some bad news for Broncos fans, as Tim 'The Guns' Tebow went down with an injury. Tebow had to leave practice with sore ribs and was wearing a flak jacket. He was ok-ish on Tuesday but sat out conditioning sprints but it seems the injury has gotten worse today, he lasted only 10 minutes. For more check out

It will be interesting to see if Denver feels Tebow is healthy enough to play Saturday against Detroit, in the most anticipated home preseason game in Denver in years. The Broncos will be careful with the first-round pick, but they also want him to get game action.

Returning Players:
Now onto some good news, we had some players returning from injury. Jarvis Moss and Eric Decker returned to practice today. Moss returned to practice Wednesday afternoon, 12 days after breaking a bone in his left hand. Moss wore a cast that covered his hand and wrist, and the injury did not appear to limit him in the practice. 

Rookie wide receiver Decker practiced for the first time since injuring his left ankle Aug. 7 in a practice at Invesco Field. He seemed to be ok and not to bad in practice today.

Camp tidbits:
Chris Kuper, who returned Tuesday from an ankle injury, left practice early. He spoke to trainers before walking slowly to the locker room under his own power.

LB JAMMIE KIRLEW:He earned notice with a sack against the Bengals, but what stood out Wednesday was the strength he showed in attacking blockers. One example came during a one-on-one drill, where he plowed into right tackle Ryan Harris and pushed him back five yards, collapsing what would have been a pass pocket. Kirlew and fellow linebacker Kevin Alexander — who played one snap with the first team last Sunday after Robert Ayers was summoned to the sideline following a 15-yard penalty — will be worth watching Saturday night against Detroit,

Things I hear:
The Broncos may get starting running back Knowshon Moreno back next week. He suffered a hamstring injury Aug. 1.

Thats all I have ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Yeah Kirlew looked very aggressive, it will be good if he gets some game time against the oppositions starting O-Line.

    Knowshon should be rested till game 3

  2. Yeah I am interested in seeing Kirlew play.

    Also can't do Samoan, was a one off deal with a friend. And no I haven't played back breaker, but I have seen the game about. Is it any good?

  3. The game essential is crap but the mechanics are amazing! It leaves Madden for dead! A mae of mine has it and its tough to play but its what Madden should be in terms of player movement.

  4. Oh BTW I see Torrain had a good outing for the Skins last week. I hope he doesn't come back to bite us in the ass.

    A possible dark horse of RB's if he makes the Skins roster. Will be tough with Portis and Johnson in there already

  5. I think the player movement is better now in Madden 11, but haven't played it yet, had it a few days and haven't even given it a go haha. As for Back Breaker that is interesting. Sounds like they have a good motion engine.

  6. Maybe but there is alot of RBs there like you said. Also isn't Wille Parker there?

  7. And Orton gets contract extension?

  8. No post tonight, have to go out with my lady friend, going to see the Expendables, score me haha.

    But you know the news, Orton resigned and Hunter signed, Tebow still hurt. I will post up something tomorrow with maybe a preview of the Lions game. Also Princess should be back soon.

    Catch you guys tomorrow ~ Laters.

  9. We signed Worell Williams, a linebacker. DJ's brother