August 5, 2010

Training Camp - Day 4

Well guys and gal time for today's post with news and training camp information. First up is the signing of troubled former Titans and Seahwak player LenDale White. With the injuries to Moreno and Buckhalter the Broncos needed to help find another body for camp and to add deep and experience to the running back corps. ESPN also said 'Before signing running back LenDale White, the Broncos also took a peep at former Bear Adrian Peterson and LaDell Betts. People were also saying maybe Westbrook, but I think the Broncos wanted another power back, besides Spencer Larsen who had been taking some reps at halfback. It was also reported that Betts turned down the Broncos, but it wasn't reported if he turned down the Broncos before or after the signing of White. For more on White and this story check out here. Happy now that we didn't trade for him in the draft as we now got him free. White is wearing number 26 for the Broncos and trained with the team today. To make room for White on the roster the Broncos waviered Kolby Smith. Smith had been taking 1st team reps but had been struggling with injuries and had a number of injuries in his passed. It was a bit of an interesting wavier with more unproven backs behind him, but the injuries were probably held against him.

Now some bad news, and I mean really bad news, Elvis Dumervil suffered a pectorals injury on the practice field Wednesday evening. Doom walked off the practice field holding his arm tightly to the chest. The extent isn't known, but a pectorals muscle tear could sideline Doom deep into the season. It would be another injury that we just don't need, and right after he signed his new deal. Whoever keeps shooting bullets at the Broncos I hope is still a bad shot after Moerno and Bucky dodged bullets I hope the same is for Doom.

To start camp Demaryius Thomas had had some ups and downs at camp. He didn't have a very good day yesterday. But again bounced back today and had alot of nice catches and a far better practice. He was one of the star at camp today.

The other star of camp today would have had to be Tim Tebow who started to live up to his big name. He throw a few touchdown passes today. But he threw one nice deep ball to a flying Matt Willis, who is still having a great camp, and Willis caught it in stride for the TD.

Perrish Cox also has been getting some reps with the first team.

On a funny note I had reported on something Klis had said on about how Tebow lead all conditioning sprints at the end of practice and I made the joke that Orton was last. Well today on they had this to say: 'Tim Tebow finished first in all but one of the 50-yard-and-back sprints in the team running period at the end of practice. On the last repetition, strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten called him out for only going 45 yards and forced Tebow to go back to the 50 after he already started heading back to the starting line.  The back track  allowed some of his teammates to claim victory, including Kyle Orton, who celebrated by raising his hands in the air.'

A bit of an injury report from camp so far:
The Broncos have already seen running backs Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter succumb to practice injuries, and have been practicing without linebacker D.J. Williams, nose tackle Chris Baker and wide receiver Kenny McKinley. Left tackle Ryan Clady is on the non-football injury list, while defensive end/linebacker Darrell Reid and nose tackle Jamal Williams are on the physically-unable-to-perform list.
Nose tackle Ronald Fields, who left the Wednesday morning session, also did not practice Wednesday night.

Things I read:
Good read about the Broncos on, alot of good information, click here for more. 

Now Aussie has some fun:
Tebow loves showing off his guns. (If you can't read them, click on them and make them big)

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Damn. Doom out for most off the season! Horrible news and big blow to the defense. So what, Moss will start now? I dont know, its been i horrible first week of training camp. On the other hand........Aussie those pics are hilarious, i was laughing so hard when going thru all of them. Thanks for the laugh. lol

  2. HAHA, those pics are hilarious. Some of them actually look like that's the conversation they are having or the thoughts they are thinking. Way too funny. I needed a good laugh after hearing about Doom's injury. It is a huge blow to us BUT I'm not gonna say our season is over till its actually over. I have to believe that he'll be okay, we'll dodge yet another bullet and he won't miss the whole season. My faith in this team and thinking positively about this team is the only thing I have to hold on to. I'll be praying like a mad person that he'll be alright for his own sake and then will be healthy enough to continue with camp.

    80 - I hear ya but I wouldn't go so far to say its been a horrible first week of camp. It seems that way cause here we are facing the injury bug yet again but it could be A LOT worse. We need to be prepared in case the worse happens (Doom missing the whole season) but I won't go there yet. All we know is he is injured and COULD miss the season, that's not definite yet and like the rest of Broncos Country I hope its not that serious. But if unfortunately that is the case, we will just have to work that much harder to make our defense solid. Won't be easy, we'll get a ton of people talking crap and saying its over before it even begins but there's no reason why we can't find a way to move on without Doom this season if need be. Like I said in my comment on DB... Lord have mercy!! lol

    As for our newest RB/Powerback whatever the heck he is... there is no way McD would have agreed to make White apart of this team if he knew he was still using drugs. I saw in the video for Day 4 of camp that McD said he had a long chat with White and pretty much made it clear that he's got to make a change if he wants to be with this team. He's taking a chance/risk as usual but if he knew for certain White was still finding ways to get high, he wouldn't have agreed to sign him. The guy deserves a second chance and I'll back him up... till he screws up. lol He's our best chance right now till we get either Moreno or Bucky back or better yet both.

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  4. Good grief, I thought I had lost that first comment so I went to type it all over again and then of course it "magically" appears. Little schmuck! lol

    Anyhoo, just wanted to let you all know I'm going out to Colorado for about 2 weeks. Will be spending the first week with my aunt and some family and then the next week with one of dad's old buddies. Hopefully we'll get a few chances to go to some camp practices. I'm dying to see Tebow in person!! AHAHA I'll be sure to get some great pics.

  5. Damn tough break on Doom, guess that dude learnt to shoot better.

    And really happy you guys like the pics, I will try to do a few more as camp continues.

    Also Josh Barret and Kenny McKinley were placed on injured reserve.

  6. 2 best players on the team? Clady and Dooom. Both injured.

  7. I know, it is a sad day when we lose both those players.

  8. Also anyone else seen Champ's beard?

    And have you guys watched the video on todays training camp? Tebow was slack in not getting the ball. I guess he doesn't like getting dirty haha.

  9. haha, yeah I saw Champ's beard. What is it about the Mile High City now that they all got beards?? Look like a bunch of mountain men... makes sense though, they are in mountain territory. Although, Orton did get rid of his beard didn't he? hmmm, its like they pass it on... Orton shaves his beard and passes it on to Champ... who's next? I've noticed Tebow has a bit of beard goin' on. Bunch of hairy men. LOL I saw Tebow diving for the ball in the mud pit too. Didn't catch the ball but I'll say he got plenty of mud on him. Looks like fun.

    I'm still hoping Doom's injury won't be as serious as its been made out to be. But if by some unfortunate reason he does miss this season, it will be somewhat bittersweet cuz when we get Clady back, our Oline will have at least some solidity. What can I say... I always hope for the best.

  10. Doom out sucks, but he should be back and Moss has been looking real good. I'm glad we haven't dumped him yet. Barrett and Mc Kinley put on IR for the year though.

  11. Well dont look know, but it appears Jarvis Moss broke a bone in his hand this morning! :/ Things are just getting worse.

  12. Word is he'll be out 2 weeks which isnt to bad, but will play with a cast on his hand after that for awhile which i would think could effect rushing the passer alot and would make it harder on him.

  13. Now Moss is hurt. Adalius Thomas or Kevin Hayward need to be signed

  14. If you go the BroncosZone youtube page they have some cool videos