August 4, 2010

Training Camp - Day 3

Heys guys, if you are not on and then you are missing out on some really good coverage of Training Camp.

Few articles on to read:

Tebow's devotion to faith divides fans.

Moss returns with new work ethic.

Garland to leave for Air Force.

Things I read:

Favre is retiring? I doubt it, maybe put some money on it that he returns. Speaking of money it is rumored the Vikings are offering Favre close to 1 million dollars a game. That is 16 million a season, last year Favre played on 12 million for the season, not bad money, I would play on a bad ankle for that.

And good old Haynesworth yet to pass a physical, click here for more.

Also for those following along on Denver Broncos Blogs, training camp blogs, you may have seen my captions. So to continue on with some more fun here is another one ~ Aussie Out!



  1. guess we signed Lendale White with the RB injuries.

  2. I hope Lendale plays like he did a couple of years ago.

  3. Yeah hope White plays well, and Tyler already out of number 1 spot.

  4. ya so that Aussie. i sure hope Clady is fine and ready to go come the season. Cause our BU tackles arent the best in the league! lol. Also saw we released Kolby Smith. Pretty odd if u ask me. I thought he was getting the 1st team reps the past couple days in front of the other RB's. Maybe he was in McD's doghouse. haha. Well im just really excited for the season and cant wait!

  5. oops. *"ya saw that Aussie" is what i meant to say