August 22, 2010

Preseason Game 2 - Lions Vs Broncos - Post Game Notes

Hey guys was an interesting game, took a few of us a while to see the game. And I only watched the first half as I had to go to the Raiders-Dragons game (rugby league, go Canberra Raiders). And I have watched the highlights and checked the stats. So here is the notes that I had on the stuff I watched.

1 2 3 4 OT Final
Den 0 14 3 3 - 20
Det 10 6 0 9 - 25

Game Notes:
Bummer there was no Tebow, the Broncos had him sit out.

I saw that Joe Mays and Marcus Thomas run some with the first team. As did Matthew Willis a bit.

Gaffney was unstoppable, I think him and Orton hooked up well.

Royal and Lloyd only got one catch each though

Ball was ok but our run attack is still not great.

Orton has improved footwork, he stepped up and made defenders miss, looked good.

Ayers got half a sack, would have probably got the sack all by himself, but Bannan was happy to help.

I am still am worried about the linebackers. On more than one occasion the linebackers got caught out on the run or missed a coverage on a WR. Do they really miss DJ that much? I think we will be much better with him there.

Coverage was ok otherwise, but always can be better, might have been because of no Champ.

The First team defense only allowed one TD and managed to hold the other drives to field goals.

Orton throwing an intercept to Bly? Was really a dropped catch by Ball, so no matter.

Branson wasn't to bad, but struggles on yards after catch, liked the effort on the TD.

Other observations:
I didn't see any of Quinn but 11 from 17 for 115 isn't too bad. Did he improve from his 'sucks' category?

Jarvis Moss had a sack, was this a good sack, did he lay a good hit and beat a few guys?

And Cox had a long punt return. Looked good had good speed. I think the Special Teams played much better.

Colquitt improved his average from 29 yards to 43 yards, was much improved.

And Eric Decker had some good stats, did he look good in the second half?

That is it from me ~ Aussie Out!


  1. So, I will give my second half observation since aussie didn't see it but has ?'s. Quinn still sucks. Enough to say I miss Jarius Jackson. He doesn't seem to know how to get out of the pocket and got sacked way too much for only playing one half. I think he was sacked 3 times and fumbled the ball when the game was on the line, and lost the fumble. He threw the classic Denver QB left handed throw when he was about to get sacked yet again. He just couldn't make anything happen. So as the stats didn't look too bad, he was just annoying to watch, most of those yards came on the 2 minute drill at the end of the game when we drove from the 10, down to the detroit 15 where quinn fumbled.

    Jarvis Moss, can you say wow? He looked great out there. I thought he looked alot like elvis, hetting off the line and into the backfield so quickly. Even the announcer said, "this is the player the broncos wanted when they drafted him in the first round" something like that.

    Cox= Great choice to add to the team, the guy does not go down easily in the open field. gotta love it. A.Smith= major disappointment. Still making rookie mistakes, and missing a ton of tackles. Syd'Quan looked better.

    Colquitt= bravo

    Eric Decker= Yeah Baby!!! This guy knows how to get yards after the catch, I was amazed, for the first time, I see something special in this guy, he looked really good! Can't wait to see Thomas.

    Other things I noticed-
    Justin Fargas is clearly not what I hoped he would be. He went down easy and couldn't find any holes.
    We better hope our O-line gets healthy soon, because the line we had out there was constantly getting penalties called and stalling drives.

    Orton once again looked stellar. Another nearly flawless game. The pick was supposed to be a completion and would have been if knowshon was out there.

    Gaffney and Willis both did very good, but Brandon Lloyd is on my bubble. He was not running full speed on the deep routes. I think Ortons two passes to him down deep were good, catchable throws, but Lloyd didn't look like he was trying very hard to get to where the ball was.

    Overall, I like what we have. When our starters were in, we played great, the only time we faltered were when our starters replacements made mistakes. Look at it this way. If ball didn't miss the catch that ended up in bly's hands, I think we would have scored a TD, and the score would have been 7-3 instead if 10-0, would have changed the whole game. Now it is time to get healthy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Will just give my thoughts on Jazzy's observations. I thought Quinn did slightly better than last game, but he still is not starting material and pretty much "sucks". No more than #2 QB at best.

    And yes i can saw "Wow" to Jarvis Moss, sure does have some explosion off the edge and rushed the passer very well.

    And yes we all know Cox is a stud, clarified it last game. lol...really going to be great i think. SydQuan did look better, better than Phonzy at least and probly Nate Jones to, is a bubble player right now and fighting for one of the last corner spots.

    Yes Eric Decker looked good. Very good posseison WR and will catch the ball as we all thought before. He looked promising.

    Orton= greatness. lol...cant believe i said that, but he has been playing at an elite level, give the man props! :)

    Gaffney was very good, Willis was solid, thats what i saw in Lloyd to Jazzy on those 2 deep balls. Royal looked good in the slot even tho one catch i think. No Stokely??!! Think it could be the end for him in Denver.

    Our o-line needs some work. LT Batiste played poorly and had many holding calls as did the whole line. We need Clady back! Also the Lions D-line is beastly so thats why most of our guys stuggled up front. Hopefully once we get Clady, Kuper, and our good RB's back our running game will show up better and Orton wont be running for his life almost every play like he did last nite.

    Also im a lil worried about our LB's to. I think we should have this lineup on day one. Just a thought. Jarvis Moss and Ayers on the outside and Haggen and DJ inside. Think that would be the best option IMO.

    But overall our D came up big in the redzone holding the lions to FG's instead of TD's. I think Denver is looking fine. Like Jazzy said. Every one needs to get healthy.

  3. Thanks guys for the response that helped alot.

    Not want I wanted to hear about Quinn, looks like Tebow could be on his way up.

    Jarvis Moss shows like a lock at OLB. I think 80# is right about the LBs. DJ, Haggan middle and Ayers, Moss outside. I was impressed by Haggan, he is a good tackler, not amazing on the push rush, but as a ILB he could be good. I liked what I saw from Ayers. Collasped the pocket a lot. But my main problem with him is he is always using the bull rush. He has done well with it but he can't out muscle everyone. Needs to learn some more moves and then the sacks may flood in.

    Yeah Lloyd didn't seem great but what I saw of Decker on the highlights he looks good.

    And I think Phonzy may be let go, just hasn't adjusted, or do we carry him like Moss and hope for the best?

    Stokley was injured, but still unsure about him.

    And our O-line needs Kuper and Clady in a bad way.

    Run game needs to improve but we are missing 3 guys.

  4. Also probably won't be another post from me up until Wednesday, so in two days, probably cover the next game and the stuff from the past few days.

  5. Three players were cut today, running back Toney Baker, wide receiver Patrick Carter and offensive lineman Kirk Barton.

    Check out this link, for more about Josh Barrett:

  6. I'm sad that we released Ayodele

  7. Wow, very surprised that Ayodele got cut as he had been starting for DJ in the 2 preseason games. Something fishy. ha. And i sooo called this LB core, look at the end of my last comment above ^^^. And i didnt get that source from anywhere, just figured that would be the best line up and then today i saw on the rotoworld widget that that would be the lineup probly. Im good! lol. Im not to upset with Ayodele being released cause i really like the idea of Haggan and DJ inside and Ayers and Moss on the outside. So Polumbus was released, probly cuz Batiste beat him out. And looks like well be getting most of our injured players back this week. See the rotoworld widget.

  8. Yeah is good, happy to see Tyler go was terrible, surprised about Akin, but he could not tackle.

    And nice call 80#, notice I agreed with you. I think that is the best lineup.