August 30, 2010

Broncos Vs Steelers - Post Game

How is it going guys and gal? Did you enjoy the game? Well the Broncos took on the Steelers today at home and it was a good game. The Broncos were solid on all sides of the ball. I was really impressed with what our guys did today and quite enjoyed watching it. Below are some observations that I took from the game. I saw the first half but didn't see much of the second. Just the highlights and the comments that I read about the second half. So I will ask for some help on the perspective of some of the players that played in the second half.

Pit30 014-17

First half observations:

Orton looked solid, moved around really well in the pocket and way to put your body on the line.

Royal looked good as did Lloyd. Willis also looked good with Tebow in there.

I like what I saw out of White, does look a little over weight but broke off some nice runs.

Lance Ball looked good and ran well, but he isn't great catching balls out of the backfield.

Quinn is terrible, I think the years playing in Cleveland have messed with his head, he has no sense of timing and can't get rid of the ball quick enough, he always looks like he will get sacked when he drops back.

I like what I saw of Decker, he is a solid blocker as well.

Prater was solid and Colquitt was really good, averaged over 50 yards a kick.

Thompson had a good game, had a good return, and loved the pick six. Cox was solid filling in for Champ and loved the pick. And Goodman was good, got beat by Wallace but came back with the pick six and looked solid. With Thompson's big game I think Smith could be on the way out.

Our kick coverage, Special Teams in general were much better than in previous games.

I thought Ayers looked really good, got two sacks. He used the bull rush a lot, but it was great to see him use the spin move to get a sack. I think he could really be putting it together.

I liked what I saw out of Moss too. He was getting on the outside of Adams a lot and was causing him to jump early. Moss did use some good moves and looked good. But when someone like Adams got their hands on Moss he struggled to get separation. But I thought Moss did ok.

Was good to have Williams back at ILB, I think we tackled a lot better (no Akin) and Williams was very good I think then.

What I saw of Tebow I thought he did some good stuff. Threw some nice plays, not all with a slow release like we had seen. Liked the jump ball to Decker for the TD, way to get the ball off. And I think Tebow may have moved up the depth chart, he has been better than Quinn and I think deserves the spot. He may get the spot after the last game against the Vikings.

I didn't see Mays or Hunter play but heard they were good, what you guys think?

Didn't see any of Phonzy? Any good? Also didn't see much of Quinn but I think he was terrible?

If you have some other observations? Hit us up in the comments ~ Aussie Out!


  1. I agree with most of what you said Aussie. I think our starters will be able to put together consistent games for the regular season. Phonzy was in there a few times towards the end... from what I remember he wasn't half bad. Oh did I mention he's (Phonzy) is 1 of 5 autographs I got at the TC practices I went to? haha

    Anyhoo, you all know my thoughts on Quinn. Its hard to believe he hasn't gotten better by now in this system but it was very apparent in the game last night. 3 pre season games and all he can manage to do is get sacked. Of course, I'd love to see how much better he'd do with the starting Oline giving him protection over the line he had last night. Tebow was protected very well when he was in the game. I just can't figure out what the deal is with Quinn. Quinn is starting to make me nervous having him in the game like the way Simms did last year. Gives me the heebie jeebies. lol Also should give props to Syd'Quan Thompson... that kid is going to be something special. He was on fire last night. Very impressed with him.

  2. And once again, Aussie was there for the rescue. I was trying to create a post in the Edit HTML tab instead of Compose so of course that makes all the difference. At first I didn't even see those 2 tabs to know what you were talking about... must have been way too tired. lol I should be able to get my post up sometime today.