September 1, 2010

Broncos Vs Vikings and More

Hey guys and gal how has it been the last few days? Been busy with uni and work as usual but got a bit of time to throw up this new update. For those that haven't seen the pictures that Princess was so great to get for us, check out the post below. Now onto today's post.

Game Preview:
The Broncos will take on the Vikings tomorrow night in the fourth and final preseaon game of this season in Minnesota. The Broncos are coming off a big win last week against the Steelers and the Vikings are coming off a win against the Seahawks. But this week will be different as the first team players will play one maybe two series at most in this game. Which means the second and third stringers will get a chance to show what they have. This is the game where players get roster spots. It will be interesting to see the young players step up and what the future holds for our team.

Things to watch for:
If Brett Favre plays against as.
How Clady does and if he gets through the game.
If Moreno or Bucky gets a run.
If Richard Quinn can do anything.
Who is number 2 QB, Tebow or Quinn, and what each can do in this game.
How our DBs do. Can Squid have another good game and get a roster spot. Does Smith have anything? And can Cox have another solid game.
Our Push rush.
1st string offensive line, and how well the players block.
And tackling, got to get under 100 rushing yards against us, may be a bit hard against the Vikings.

Returning Players
Two really big names returning to practice this week were Ryan Clady and Knowshon Moreno. Clady was the first to return to practice of the two and the other day was not wearing the orange non-contact jersey. Which means he was facing contact and getting hit. There is also the possibility that Clady could play tomorrow in the game against the Vikings. He won't play much but they are still risking it sending him out there, this is one of the things to look out for.

Knowshon Moreno returned after Clady but only in a non-contact jersey. It has been rumored that he may see some time in tomorrows game against the Vikings. But after he said he was only 80% healthy, I think McD and the coaching stuff will continue to rest him.

Injury updates:
Also returning to practice were tight end Richard Quinn, safety Brian Dawkins, cornerback Champ Bailey and nose tackle Jamal Williams. None of them played in Sunday’s 34-17 win over the Steelers.

Wide receivers Brandon Stokley and Demaryius Thomas, cornerback Andre Goodman, offensive lineman Russ Hochstein, tight end Daniel Graham, safety Darcel McBath and outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil did not practice.

Things I read:
Fantasy Roster Management

Well enjoy the game tomorrow and I will talk to you guys soon ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Was going to put this picture up in the post, but thought it was a bit rude for that.

  2. Hey, so I found this little tidbit about Elway's thoughts on Tebow so far and its worth the read.

    Elway’s thoughts on Tebow

    Not too happy... just realized that they won't be showing the Bronco game tomorrow night. For some stupid reason they feel the need to watch the Chiefs lose... I don't get it. So if anyone finds a good link to watch the game tomorrow (counting on you Aussie, you can find anything, lol) post it on here... I want to see Tebow play!! But if they play Quinn a lot, I don't think I can stand to watch that. Vikings are going down tomorrow!! grr

  3. Unlucky Princess I have work tomorrow so I won't be watching the game, I will be on game center getting stats updates so can't help you, but will send you an email that may help with links.

    And I read the Elway comments on, loved how he took the two shot penalty when he didn't have to, that is honesty.