September 4, 2010

Broncos Making moves to 53

Hey guys and gal, as promised an updated on the Broncos changing roster and all the moves that the Broncos had been making. I will look at the players cut and who was placed on IR. Also the trade that went down. Also if you are interested there is a link (NFL Team Cuts, below) that has all the players that were cut by the 32 teams. So if you are interested or even bored maybe you can comb the wavier list of guys that you may like, for example a running back. Now onto the moves made by the Broncos today.

Broncos waived OG Seth Olsen, LB Kevin Alexander, TE Riar Geer, DB Kyle McCarthy, LB Worrell Williams, DL Jeff Stehle, and WR Britt Davis. The Broncos also released DE Jarvis Green, and OLB Darrell Reid.

Seth Oslen was believed to be a shoe-in at left guard after Ben Hamilton was released at the start of the off season. But after the Broncos picked Beadles in the second round of the draft and Eric Oslen latter on, and the emergence of Stanley Daniels as a solid guard Seth had become expendable.

Jarvis Green was a major disappointment, he was paid a handsome fee to come and join the Broncos as a starting DE. But he struggled and fell down on the depth chart. He lost his starting jump to McBean who had been playing well, I think it is to McBeans credit that Green lost his job. But this was a big disappoint and a bit of a surprise considering the need for a pass rush on the Broncos.

The same can be said for Darrell Reid who was a solid player for us last year and a great special teams player. But with his knee injury he was likely to be placed on the PUP list and be back mid way through the year, where we would have had to pay him $1.73 million salary that would have been guaranteed once he was placed on the PUP.

The other players were not big names and none had really soon anything impressive. Most of them will most likely end up on the practice squad if not claimed by other teams.

IR and reserve/military list:
The Broncos also added two more players to the IR list and the reserve/military list. Brandon Stokley was placed on IR after he had suffered a groin injury in the preseason. Stokley, 34, was a slot machine who was always productive when healthy but suffered his share of physical setbacks. He caught the famous Immaculate Deflection in the final seconds of the opener at Cincinnati last year. In his three seasons with the Broncos, Stokley had a terrific ratio of 13 starts and 12 touchdown receptions. He has 307 catches for 4,319 yards and 34 touchdowns in his career. He is hoping to play for one more season, but he and his wife Lana have settled on the Denver area as the permanent residence for their family. This could be the last year of Stokley's career as he turns 35 next year. Stokley was and will always be a great Bronco.

Also the Broncos placed DL Ben Garland on the reserve/military list.

The Broncos also cut TE Marquez Branson, it would not surprise me if he ends up on the PUP list or IR.

There was also one trade today as the Broncos traded CB Phonzy Smith to the Detriot Lions for TE Dan Gronkowski. Besides Gronkowski, who had seven catches for 80 yards during the Lions' preseason, the Broncos will get a late-round draft pick in exchange for Smith. For more click here. There isn't much on Gronkowski, this is what wiki had on him. Gronkowski was drafted 255th overall (2nd to last) by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft. On June 25, 2009 he signed a three-year $1.21 million deal which includes a signing bonus of around $26,000. He was waived on September 5, 2009 and signed to the Lions' practice squad a day later. Gronkowski was promoted to the active roster on December 1, 2009 after tight end Brandon Pettigrew was placed on injuried reserve due to a knee injury. He caught his first pass against the Baltimore Ravens on December 13. He was waived on December 17, and re-signed to Lions' practice squad on December 20. After his practice squad contract expired, Gronkowski was signed to a future reserve contract on January 5, 2010. So he has moved on and off the practice squad a lot.

His father, Gordon Gronkowski, started for three years as an offensive guard at Syracuse. Dan has four brothers, three of which played college sports. Gordie Gronkowski, Jr. played baseball as a first baseman at Jacksonville University. Chris Gronkowski received a scholarship from the University of Maryland and played there as a fullback in 2005 and 2006 before transferring to Arizona. His brother Rob Gronkowski was chosen in the 2010 NFL Draft in the second round by the New England Patriots.

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That is it from me, also thought it was awesome how on they have the 'young guns' video with a pic of Tebow, haha ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Also been wondering about a guy like Kenny McKinley? I think he is on IR.

    And it is interesting to see that every agrees to the moves so far. Is there any move that you are not happy about?

  2. Reading this:

    Popular and productive receiver Brandon Stokley was placed on injured reserve until a settlement terminates his contract, which has already paid him $600,000 in bonuses this year. I think this means Stokley has been let go.

    And it more looks like TE Branson will not be brought back because of durability issues, so looks like Gronkowski is in for a lot of work.

  3. I am very please that McD stood by the stance that the best player will play. For example Willis or Daniels.

  4. We got RB Andre Brown of waivers from Giants.

  5. And OL Chris Clark from MIN.

    DJ's Brother LB Worrell Williams signed to the PS along with LB Kevin Alexander, WR Britt Davis, TE Riar Geer, S Kyle McCarthy.

    3 Spots left on the PS

  6. Yeah seems to be shaping up nicely, had to release Hall and Akins for these guys.