September 28, 2010

Having some fun with images.

Hey guys I managed to get a few hours of free time and I was wondering what could I do to fill in this time? So I thought I would play with some images of gridiron players. Here are the results from my few hours of play.

Also I had a number of ideas for this one, but they ranged from dirty to dirtier, so I decided to open it up to you guys. Hit us up in the comments with your ideas for captions of this picture.

Also I thought it would be good to add these pictures (sorry Princess). This is the reason it makes it OK for older men to watch other men run around in tights.

That is it from me, remember if you can't read an image just click on it and it will enlarge ~ Aussie Out!


  1. Thanks Aussie. I couldn't quite read what the Texans cheerleader was saying, so I enlarged it and read "Kiss me Digger, you hunk."
    For the Romo one, I say Carlos Mencia says it best, "De de dee!"

  2. Haha funny Digger, you can wish it says that.

    And nice one about Romo, keep them coming.

  3. The captions of the Raiders pic, Tebow & Titans pic are funny... like those the best. Of course, the one of Tebow is my favorite... shows off his guns real well! So well, I didn't even notice the pics of the cheerleaders you said you put up... I'm immune to cheerleaders. LOL ahaha, wow, I make myself laugh.

    The one of Dawkins is good too... if anyone can put on a game face, it's him.

    And in the previews of games I do from now on are gonna have trivia questions. We'll see how Bronco-smart you boys really are.

  4. Haha Princess glad you like the captions. Do you have one for the Romo pic?

    Haha and immune to cheerleaders too funny, maybe you should be out there prancing around. But you are more likely to be out there playing ball as you are a badass chick haha.

    And Trivia questions I think would be cool.

  5. Greg Jennings or Reggie Wayne?

  6. OMG the Bucs Cheerleader cant stop smiling at me! lol

  7. Doc what you mean Jennings or Wayne? Why the choice?

  8. FF Im guessing. Either of them would be a good pick as they both have very weak opponents. I'd guess-tamate Wayne

  9. LOL @ Aussie... you might say that I'm a bad*** chick... most likely I am if you try to mess with me. You guessed it, I would most definitely rather play football than just stand on the sidelines... watch me catch the ball & run! You know that saying "Look at that white boy run"?? Well, with me it would be "Look at the white girl run". hahaha But for sure I am immune to all things cheerleading. You couldn't pay me all the money in the world to put on a cheerleader uniform with pom poms and dance like some bimbo.

    Honestly, I can't think of any captions for the Romo pic. I keep staring that picture and nothing comes to me. Looks like he's trying to sing a happy song and do a happy dance. lol, I don't know... he's a Cowgirl, who knows what he's doing? haha

  10. Haha I don't think all cheerleaders are bimbos, I think a few of them would be nice people. They just like to dance haha.

    White girl running, too funny.

    And that is funny, that could be it.

    Romo - He's a Cowgirl, who knows what he's doing? haha

  11. I said they dance like bimbos, I wouldn't call it dancing at all... they spin, twirl and smile. I actually saw something on my homepage today saying that cheerleading might become the next NCAA sport... these people are outside their minds. I'd love to what "athletic" ability it takes to be a cheerleader. The world has officially gone nuts. I was always (and still am) the athlete, never afraid to get my clean jersey a little dirty with grass stains and mud. Heck, I used to play in the dirt with my friends, dig up worms, be messy, break a nail or two and never cared. I could care less about looking like Miss Malibu Barbie.

    You said "And that is funny, that could be it"... what are you talking about?

    As for the Romo pic, took another look... he's probably saying (after his first win of the season) "Hey Mom, did you see that, did you see it... I scored a touchdown, yeah!!!!!" LOL Or "Hey look I'm a Cowgirl, hip-hip-hooray!!" ahaha Either way, he looks silly in that pic. Funny just looking at it.

  12. **** correction... I'd love to KNOW what "athletic" ability is takes to be a cheerleader.

  13. Haha the "And that is funny, that could be it" is the Romo - He's a Cowgirl, who knows what he's doing? haha

    Those options are getting better princess.

    As for the athletic ability, a cheerleader needs to be able to sleep with the whole football team haha, but in all seriousness the flips and cartwheels take some ability.

  14. Yeah, I thought the captions were pretty funny. The one of the Raiders missing the catch is still my favorite (tied with Tebow I guess, lol). The caption for the Raiders pic just says it all. I laughed so hard when I read that caption. Hilarious.

    And in all seriousness, I've never seen an NFL cheerleader to a flip or cartwheel but it doesn't take much to do those either. To make my point, which I really shouldn't have to, when someone says "sports" or "athlete" I'm going to take a wild guess and say cheerleading isn't exactly the first thing you think of. If it does, you've got issues. For something to be an NCAA sport, it should require endurance & athleticism, I don't even know why they call golf a sport. All you do is swing a club to hit a ball. There's no physicality involved whatsoever. But gymnastics I'll defend, I'd love to see a 300 lb linebacker to flips on a 4-inch wooden beam. That would be a sight to see.

    It's one thing that cheerleaders have given the rest of us girls a bad image that we're all the same but to call cheerleading a sport?? Makes me nauseous.

  15. Yeah for cheerleading to be a sport they would have to do it for 24 hours. Now that would be a challenge. Also here we have pretty good cheerleaders for our sports, they do cool tricks like flips and stuff.

    And yes the Raiders pic was my favorite out of this bunch.